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Is your access control system leaving the door open for cyber attacks?

07.06.2023 -

Security doesn’t stop at the door, nor should your access control. How can you improve connectivity to manage cyber and physical security together?


Attack Recognition for Critical Infrastructure

19.05.2023 -

Security Operation Center (SOC) as a service for the protection of KRITIS (CRITical InfraStructures) against cybercrime.


4 Ways To Ensure Cyber Protection with Physical Security Solutions

23.03.2023 -

Key ways global organizations can ensure cyber protection with physical security solutions.


Euralarm: The Next Step in Cybersecurity for Connected Alarm Systems

19.09.2022 -

Alarm systems are essential for the economic success of almost all sectors of European markets. Rapid technological developments and policy developments have brought new...


TDSi Gains Cyber Essentials Certification

09.07.2022 -

TDSi has achieved Cyber Essentials Certification which demonstrates the company’s dedication to fully securing its operations as well as its products and services.


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 - Winner: IT Security and Safety for Automation, Cyber Security

25.11.2021 -

The 2022 GSA winners in the "IT Security and Safety for Automation, Cyber Security" category have been selected. A neutral jury had examined a shortlist of submitted...

Moxa Helps Customers Shore Up Industrial Cybersecurity to Get Back to the New Normal

17.07.2020 - Moxa has introduced its new industrial cybersecurity solution, EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series IPS, EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series next-generation firewall, and Security Dashboard...


Industrial Network Vulnerabilities You Need to Mitigate

12.05.2020 - Since industrial networks are primarily built and expanded to address growing business demands, it may be easy for administrators to overlook common system vulnerabilities. For...