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Protecting Dongting Lake with Dahua Intelligent Fishery Management Solution

15.05.2022 -

To combat illegal fishing at Dongting Lake in China, Dahua aided the construction of an intelligent fishery management solution in the lake.


Former Student Presents Belfast College with Donation from Dahua

17.03.2022 -

A college in Northern Ireland has benefitted from a donation of high quality video surveillance equipment from Dahua Technology.

Celtic FC signs Sponsorship Deal with Dahua Technology

25.09.2020 - Dahua Technology has entered into a six-figure sponsorship deal with Celtic FC, supplying the club with state of the art video-based technology and equipment. Under the sponsorship...


Dahua Releases DMSS for Improved Services

- Dahua Technology releases DMSS, its newly designed mobile client. DMSS can connect Dahua products via the Internet or Ethernet through P2P or IP and can also be operated remotely...

Dahua Technology Launches ECO Partner Program

24.06.2020 - Dahua Technology has launched its new technology partner program; the Dahua ECO Partner Program. DEPP is tailored to enhance business relationships with technology vendors in the...

Dahua Co-hosts a Thermal-themed Webinar with Omdia

11.05.2020 - Dahua Technology hosted a webinar on May 6th, 2020 with Omdia. The webinar is themed on how can thermal cameras help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Omdia is the new global...

Dahua Technology's 2019 Annual Report

24.04.2020 - Dahua Technology, IoT solution and service provider, released its 2019 annual report, showing the company’s steady growth in the past year with improvement in the overall operating...

Dahua Donate Anti-Pandemic Materials Worldwide

26.03.2020 - Recent months have seen the world suffering from the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While fighting the pandemic, people from all walks of life and institutions from all...