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Supply Chain Issues in the Fire and Security Industry

03.06.2022 -

EU is focusing on increasing domestic capacity and diversifying the number of suppliers


​​​​​​​Euralarm Releases Position Paper on NLF evaluation

02.05.2022 -

​​​​​​​Euralarm, the European association representing the electronic fire safety and security industry, has given feedback on the NLF. The association’s response to the...


Euralarm: Supply Chain Issues In The Fire And Security Industry

16.02.2022 -

​​​​​​​Since the corona pandemic introduced the world to the concept of "the new normal," nothing is normal anymore. A simple incident can be disastrous for something as...


New Logo and Website Euralarm

01.10.2021 -

Euralarm, representing the fire safety and security industry, has launched a new logo and website.

Euralarm: Cybersecurity for Radio Equipment Directive

09.07.2020 - The Radio Equipment Directive looks to be prepared for an update where cybersecurity requirements will become part of the directive and with that part of the CE-marking. Euralarm...