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Fire Protection

Wagner: Holistic Fire Protection Solutions at Security Essen

29.11.2022 -

Presented were the Titanus aspirating smoke detection systems for early fire detection and Wagner's hazard management system based on WinGuard.

Fire Protection

Fast Fire Detection by AI

26.10.2022 -

Fire and smoke detector cameras with AI: For recycling plants, direct proximity to flammable substances means that a fire can quickly get out of control.

Fire Protection

Special Focus: Fire Detection in 2022

05.10.2022 -

IR sensors can ‘see’ through smoke and vapor, and a combination of differently tuned sensors within one housing will detect emerging fires with a very low false alarm...

Fire Protection

Siemens and Videcon New Strategic Partners

30.09.2022 -

Siemens's first-ever distribution partner for fire in the UK and Ireland.

Fire Protection

Hochiki: Fire Detection for Italian Hospital

01.07.2022 -

"Bridge" communication between different generations of fire alarm control panels

Fire Protection

Intelligent Fire Detection from Hochiki Secures North London Apartments

Hochiki Europe UK Ltd. -

Ekho, the newest hybrid wireless fire detection solution from Hochiki, leading global life safety manufacturer, has been installed in six blocks of apartment buildings...

Fire Protection

Small Fire Extinguisher Helps to Mitigate Fire Risks

01.06.2022 -

A robust glass bulb is triggered when a certain temperature is exceeded, it bursts and releases the extinguishing agent

Fire Protection

C-Tec: New Fire Detection and Alarm System Courses

08.04.2022 -

Life-safety systems manufacturer C-Tec has launched a new series of BS 5839-1 fire detection and fire alarm system compliance courses.