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Fire Protection

Video-Based Fire Detection: You Can’t Fool AI

22.02.2024 -

The revolution in fire protection is underway as AI-powered video-based fire detection represents one of the most significant advancements in the field. Bosch Building...

Fire Protection

The Bosch Approach to Protecting Life and Assets

08.09.2023 -

Bosch Building Technologies has developed an impressive range of fire protection solutions over the years and does not stop there. They run regular updates in their...

Fire Protection

Everything You Need to Know on Fire Detectors

06.09.2023 -

The most classical detectors are smoke detectors. They are widely used and are easiest to install. Oftentimes, many will call them “point type smoke detectors” or “point...

Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection in High-Rise Buildings

05.09.2023 -

Imagine a metropolis without a skyline! Its hardly possible. If you think of any big city you will imagine its buildings, monuments, the people, your favorite places and...

Fire Protection

Fire Protection for Solar Power Farm

21.08.2023 -

A Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection is a reliable tool for detecting fires on a photovoltaic installation. The rapid growth of solar energy worldwide has led to an...

Fire Protection

Early Warning Fire Protection with Heat Sensors for Conveyor Applications

27.07.2023 -

Many goods carried on conveyor systems are highly combustible with the power to ignite. Black and brown coal, biomass, industrial confetti, sulphur and recycling products...

Fire Protection

Intelligent Fire Detection Solutions by Bosch

08.06.2023 -

Protect life and asset with scalable, future-proof Bosch detectors which can be installed and maintained with ease.

Fire Protection

Wagner Rail forms Partnership with ITP Rail Associates in the USA

27.04.2023 -

Fire detection technology from Wagner will provide fire protection in rail vehicles in North America in the future.