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Fire Protection

Bosch Intelligent fire detection solutions

31.03.2023 -

Bosch fire detectors are highly reliable, thereby ensuring early and accurate detection. Thanks to elaborate and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

Fire Protection

Ajax Systems Unveils Comfort Devices, New App Design and Lineup of Fire Detectors at Special Event

Ajax Systems -

In October, Ajax Systems held its fourth Special Event called “Comfort zone”. The company broke into a new niche by unveiling an unexpected fire product line and adding...

Fire Protection

Fast Fire Detection by AI

26.10.2022 -

Fire and smoke detector cameras with AI: For recycling plants, direct proximity to flammable substances means that a fire can quickly get out of control.


False Fire Alarms Study in Europe 2022

25.10.2022 -

The true challenge for any fire detection and fire alarm system designer or service engineer is getting the right balance of detection and alarm between as “early as...

Fire Protection

Amthal Celebrates Double Awards Success

20.10.2022 -

CEO Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal Fire & Security is named locally as Business Leader of the Year, whilst Alex Dearden was awarded silver winner for the Apprentice of the...

Fire Protection

Special Focus: Fire Detection in 2022

05.10.2022 -

IR sensors can ‘see’ through smoke and vapor, and a combination of differently tuned sensors within one housing will detect emerging fires with a very low false alarm...


Security Essen 2022 (20. - 23.9.2022)

02.09.2022 -

From 20 to 23 September, Essen will become the capital of the security industry: Security Essen 2022 will then provide a comprehensive insight into civil security.


Light + Building Autumn Edition shows solutions for a secure home

15.08.2022 -

"My home is my castle" is an old English saying. At home, but also in commercial buildings or at the workplace, people want to feel safe and protected.