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Video Management System With Comprehensive Search Functions

04.12.2019 -

With the launch of the Video Management System powered by C-Werk, Grundig Security has brought a software and hardware solution for video security systems into its...

Grundig Video Management: C-Werk In Operation At The Airport

18.11.2019 -

C-Werk video management system from Grundig in use at the airport: the short webcast shows the event search with time-lapse. See article in GIT SECURITY EMEA no. 4/2019


Abetechs: License Plate Recognition Cameras

Abetechs GmbH - Grundig Security -

Grundig license plate capture cameras are specialized CCTV cameras that have built-in software to help identify and record license plates on still or moving vehicles....


Extended Warranty on Grundig's Fixed Cameras

08.08.2019 -

According to Grundig, for more than 70 years, the brand name Grundig has been synonymous with first-class reliable products. Now, Abetechs GmbH is extending the warranty...


Grundig Security Creates Harmony Between Hardware and Software

21.05.2019 -

The roots of Grundig Intermedia and thereby also of Grundig Security lie in the traditional German Grundig company. Founded in 1945, it became known worldwide for its...


Grundig Security With Video Portfolio at Security Essen 2018

04.09.2018 -

In security matters and likewise in daily business processes involving retail, factory, and museum applications the challenges to face are changing every day. Changing...


Disaster Prevention: Operation Taranis Monitored

27.02.2014 -

Europe's Largest Ever Disaster Response Exercise Was Expertly Monitored by Grundig Salzburg in Austria recently played host to the largest disaster response exercise ever...


Analogue System Upgrades: Grundig’s Four Channel, Analogue To HD-SDI Converter Makes It More Cost-Effective

ASP AG (Grundig Security) -

Grundig has added a four channel, analogue to single channel HD-SDI converter to its comprehensive HD-SDI product range.The CVBS composite video converter, GTH-C0041C...

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