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Why Sufficient Light at the Perimeter is Really Important

02.12.2022 -

During the GIT System Test Video Analytics, GIT SECURITY spoke with the two experts Markus Piendl and Eng. Hannes Dopler, MSc. on the subject of lighting and why good...


Rugged Outdoor Infrared Camera That Captures Details in Poorly Lit Situations


With an estimated $50 billion in losses annually according to the National Cargo Security Council, areas such as seaports and waterways are in need of enhanced...


MicroDome G2 with Integrated IR for Ultra-Low Profile Day/Night Surveillance

Arecont Vision Costar -

Arecont Vision announces the future expansion of the compact MicroDome G2 ultra-low profile camera family with the unveiling of new models with built-in infrared (IR)...


Using Infrared Illumination in an IP Surveillance Environment

03.03.2010 -

There is a simple premise that impacts the performance and effectiveness of any camera installation: if there is no light, there can be no picture. But since today's...