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Kaba confirms medium-term growth and profitability targets

06.11.2012 -

Kaba Group has confirmed its medium-term growth and profitability targets for the 2014/2015 financial year: EBITDA margin to go up from the current 16.0% to 18.0%, with...


Kaba streamlines segment and management structure

16.04.2012 -

Kaba Group is streamlining its segment and management structure with effect from 1 July 2012, i.e. from the beginning of the 2012/2013 financial year. The aim of this is...


Kaba aims to increase efficiency and harness innovation

10.11.2011 -

Kaba's corporate strategy is focused on profitable growth, with an emphasis on innovation leadership in the Access Control sector (Access + Data Systems, Safe Locks) and...


KABA shareholders approve all Board of Directors motions

26.10.2011 -

The Annual General Meeting of Kaba Holding AG has approved all motions put forward by the Board of Directors.After approving the 2010/2011 Annual Report and taking due...


Kaba posts profitable growth

19.09.2011 -

Kaba Group's sales decreased from CHF 1,130.0 million in the previous year to CHF 945.2 million in 2010/2011. This is mainly because of the disposal of the Door...


Changes to Kaba's Board of Directors

10.08.2011 -

The terms of office of Ulrich Graf, Riet Cadonau and Klaus Schmidt expire on the date of the Annual General Meeting, 25 October 2011. Riet Cadonau became CEO on 1 July...


Kaba acquires e-Data

27.05.2011 -

Kaba Group is acquiring the business of e-Data, based in Dallas (Texas, USA) and Stuttgart (Germany), planned to be effective as of end of May 2011. e-Data specializes in...