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Milestone Systems XProtect VMS integrated with Quanergy Q-Track

Quanergy Systems -

Quanergy Solutions has integrated its solution that brings the power of 3D LiDAR detection, tracking, and classification into Milestone’s XProtect VMS, protecting complex...


Straight to the Point

04.05.2023 -

Advanced sensing technologies provide the ability to locate the exact point of intrusion in real time.


How LiDAR Technology Improves Detection and Deters Intrusion

04.01.2023 -

To prevent theft or damage of any kind, timing is essential: being able to quickly detect intrusion increases the chances of dealing with and deterring any potential...


Detecting intrusion on roofs

07.11.2022 -

Optex advises how roofs can often be overlooked when security systems are put in place and yet they are often used as access point to intrude a building.


Optex takes a multi-layer approach to security

06.09.2022 -

Optex takes a multi-tiered approach to security with new LiDAR upgrade and an indoor detector launch to give installers two sensors in one!


Highly accurate and reliable asset protection using Lidar technology from Optex

06.05.2022 -

Utilising highly accurate and reliable Lidar technology to protect valuable assets.


Edge360 and Quanergy Partner to Enhance Security and Business Intelligence

Quanergy Systems -

Edge360 and Quanergy Systems have announced the availability of an integrated Lidar-based video surveillance platform to support the delivery of mission-critical security...


Next Generation Security for Smart Cities with Intelligent Lidar

23.10.2020 -

IoT solutions are rapidly expanding to improve infrastructure, ­efficiency, convenience and quality of life for residents and communities throughout the world. Society...