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Motorola Solutions Presents Integrated AI-Powered Video Security Solutions at Intersec 2023

28.01.2023 -

At Intersec 2023, Motorola Solutions showcased new video and software solutions that enable security operations to detect and analyze incidents in real-time for improved...


No Face Mask Detection

25.09.2020 - While healthcare professionals and scientists are learning more every day, we know that the proper use of face masks has proven to be an effective measure in keeping infection...


Motorola Introduces Technology for Public-Private Partnerships

Motorola Solutions - Motorola Solutions recently announced the latest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio through the introduction of new technology to support Public-Private...


NO Face Mask Detection

06.07.2020 - Governments and global health officials alike are entering unchartered territory when it comes to setting guidelines and regulations on how to slow the spread of COVID-19, while...


Reinforce Social Distancing Measures with Occupancy Counting Technology

06.07.2020 - It has been established that social distancing plays a pivotal role in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Organizations such as retail stores and business offices need a way to limit...


Expedite Contact Tracing Efforts

16.06.2020 - Healthcare officials and organizations are facing the challenge of contact tracing quickly and effectively to curb the spread. Time is of the essence when it comes to backtracking...


Social Distancing Technology

16.06.2020 - Video analytics embedded within the H5A camera automatically calculate distance between individuals within its field of view. Facility managers can run a report of when social...


Using AI-enabled edge intelligence for face mask detection

16.06.2020 -

Individuals not following health guidelines around the use of protective face masks can be detected using AI-enabled edge intelligence and analytics running on fixed...