Keyword: Perimeter Protection


Simonas Mikuzis: “Our Radars See Outside, On and Within the Perimeter”

29.09.2023 -

Just like GIT SECURITY EMEA, Navtech Radar is celebrating a milestone achievement this year. The company recently produced its 5000th radar, so we spoke with Navtech’s...


Video analytics in perimeter protection: Classical motion detection or AI-based object classification?

01.09.2023 -

How to balance the strengths and weaknesses of both methods for effective perimeter protection.


Matteo Capelli: "We Can Integrate Sensors with AI"

10.08.2023 -

Commercial Director, Matteo Capelli, at Cias talks about video analytics and why it has limitations in external perimeter detection, as well as real time communication...


Sensor and Information Management Systems for the Protection of Infrastructure and Assets

01.06.2023 -

The complete protection of critical infrastructure, in particular in the energy and supply sector, has been a mainstay of Senstar for many years, a provider of integrated...


How to Secure a Solar Farm with Radar Detection

24.05.2023 -

It can be a challenge for even the most experienced security professional to secure solar farms and solar fields. In contrast to many other industries, solar farms are...


Every Meter Perimeter: Video Surveillance Solution at Production Plant

11.05.2023 -

Tailored video security technology from Dallmeier provides perimeter security and workplace safety.


Greatest Challenges in Critical Infrastructure

05.05.2023 -

What providers need to know and do to safeguard premises of critical infrastructures.


Straight to the Point

04.05.2023 -

Advanced sensing technologies provide the ability to locate the exact point of intrusion in real time.