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Why Video Surveillance is a Key Component to Safe Cities

20.10.2022 -

Security personnel can simultaneously see the entire scene while also being able to focus on areas of interest when 180 and 360-degree surveillance is used with dewarping...


Security for Safe Cities: Focus Interview

05.10.2022 -

Four experts talk about approaches and solutions for a safer city.


AI-Powered Video Security for Italy’s Highway Pedemontana Veneta

01.09.2022 -

Dropped cargo and queues detected by cameras used as traffic sensors.


Four Steps for a Safe City Concept

31.08.2022 -

Investment in digital infrastructure: CCTV cameras can operate better together


STid’s CEO on the Impact of Access Control on Safe City

19.08.2022 -

Vincent Dupart Explains the Focus on High Security Trends.


Special Focus Safe City: Olympics and Expo 2020 Dubai

07.09.2021 -

It was an eventful year and the number 2020 still stand before events that were postponed to 2021: One of them being the Tokyo Olympics, but also Expo 2020 in Dubai, both...


Successful Security Deployments in Cities

08.10.2020 -

GIT SECURITY takes a closer look at chosen cities where the installation of security technology not only was successful, but was followed by decreasing crime rates


City of Bologna intelligent Traffic Monitoring

06.11.2019 -

The city of Bologna has chosen Wisenet video surveillance cameras to help it create a smart traffic management system.Bologna is the seventh most populous city in Italy...