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Fire Protection

Safe Remote Access to Security Systems with UltraSync

27.09.2021 -

UltraSync is a cloud-based platform that can turn any home or building into a smart home and smart building. It seamlessly connects Carrier Fire & Security’s xGen Connect...


Security Made in Italy

13.07.2021 -

The Italian company Ksenia Security has managed to increase its brand awareness continuously over recent years. And this effort has not been diminished because of the...


Ksenia Security: Italian Development and Manufacturing

11.12.2019 -

Around the Sicurezza show in Milan, GIT SECURITY took the opportunity to talk with Raffaele Di Crosta of Ksenia Security, the Italian security and automation solution...


Clever Ways to Add Smart Intruder Prevention Measures

18.09.2018 -

Fences, grilles and locks mechanical barriers are the classic way to disrupt thieves activities. So what is smart about them? Nowadays its the fact that the mechanical...


Smart Home Security: The Smart Lock Bonus

10.09.2018 -

Technology touches so many areas of our domestic lives. Homes are becoming automated, and increasingly filled with intelligent appliances. When were away, we monitor them...

Security and Comfort: Lares by Ksenia Security in Combination with Apple Home Kit

12.06.2018 -

The video shows how to combine comfort tools with security - here with the smart home security system Lares by Ksenia Security and Apples Siri.


Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Wins iF Design Awards

02.03.2018 -

Hanwha Techwins BabyView eco monitoring system and its Wisenet Circle AI-based security manager application, have both won their respective categories in the 2018 if...


The Business Models Gaining Ground in the Smart-Home Market

05.10.2017 -

The smart home sector has expanded rapidly in recent years and represents one of the hottest areas of the consumer tech marketplace.While some analysts predict that the...