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How to Standardize the Handling of Analytics Metadata

19.09.2023 -

Gunnar Erlandsson, Rudolf Spielberger, Barry Norton and Todd Dunning answer GIT SECURITY’s questions on metadata and the future market. Metadata is driving the future of...


Leo Levit: "Standards Such as Onvif will Only Continue to Grow in Relevance"

11.08.2023 -

Leo Levit, Chairman of the Onvif Steering Committee, talks about standards and the relevance of video analytics. For our 20 year jubilee, GIT SECURITY has asked leaders...


Onvif Introduces Release Candidate for First Add-on for Secure Communications

21.07.2023 -

Onvif has introduced the TLS Configuration Add-on (Release Candidate) for secure communications between devices and clients. TLS Configuration is the first in a new...


Onvif: 15th Anniversary and 25k Conformant Products

28.03.2023 -

Onvif continues to deepen its influence and impact in the physical security market with the dual milestones of surpassing 25,000 conformant products and celebrating 15...


Onvif introduces Add-on Concept for Increased Feature Interoperability

15.09.2021 -

Onvif has announced the add-on concept, which extends the Onvif conformance process to individual product features that can solve a specific use case or end user need.


Onvif to end support for Profile Q

28.07.2021 -

Since the specifications of a profile cannot be changed as it would impact interoperability between products that conform to a specific profile, Profile Q will be...


Onvif Profile D Release: Access Control Peripherals

15.07.2021 -

Onvif has released Profile D, a new profile that addresses interfaces for access control peripheral devices, providing the market with an additional tool for building...


ONVIF: Driving the Future of Interoperability


Common interfaces that enable interoperability between hardware and software offerings from different vendors are critical for integrators and end users seeking to build...