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Teledyne: New FLIR A50 and A70 Thermal Cameras

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated -

When decision makers seek to integrate new hardware into their automation process, they are often looking at a few key areas: the ease of use, price point, features, and...

Fire Protection

Three Questions for Five Experts: Thermal Cameras for Fire & Safety

08.09.2021 -

In this series, GIT SECURITY EMEA ask three questions to five industry experts about the issue's special focus. This time we asked five experts for their view on thermal...


Thermal Technology For Accurate Perimeter Defense and Fire Detection

12.07.2021 -

Hikvision has launched HeatPro, a new thermal series of cameras designed to provide affordable all-weather deterrent and alerts. It is especially useful in perimeter...


Foxstream Joins Hikvision’s Heop Program with Embedded FoxIntruder Application for Thermal Cameras

12.04.2021 -

Hikvision announced Foxstream has joined the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (Heop) program for the FoxIntruder edge-based intrusion detection solution – which is...

Thermal Technology Promises to Halt Poaching of Rhinos

25.09.2020 - The global illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth up to $23 billion per year, fueling the poaching of some of Africa’s most iconic and threatened species such as rhinos...

Fire Protection

See the heat

07.07.2020 - Hikvision’s Thermometric temperature-measuring thermal bullet cameras are revolutionising fire safety for Recycling Lives, a truly unique company which combines its charity work...

Dahua Donate Anti-Pandemic Materials Worldwide

26.03.2020 - Recent months have seen the world suffering from the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While fighting the pandemic, people from all walks of life and institutions from all...


Special Focus: Status Report on Thermal Cameras

10.03.2020 - Very often advances in security technology come in small steps or can be described as marginal gains improving existing products. Those small improvements should not be...