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Fire Protection

Six Challenges for Fire Safety in Warehouses

27.02.2023 -

Swift recognition of flames and smoke is vital to keep warehouses and depots protected from fire. An intelligent video-based fire detection solution monitors stock around...

Fire Protection

Fast Fire Detection by AI

26.10.2022 -

Fire and smoke detector cameras with AI: For recycling plants, direct proximity to flammable substances means that a fire can quickly get out of control.

Fire Protection

Aviotec: AI now Covers Fire Safety and Security Surveillance Outdoors

18.08.2021 -

Aviotec's new firmware version 7.81 comprises AI algorithms which can now detect fire and smoke in changing weather and light conditions. The AI algorithms have been...

Fire Protection

Catching Waste Fires Before they Happen

14.06.2021 -

Waste fires – in other words fires that occur in waste or recycling plants - is a very serious global issue.


GIT SECURITY Industry Talk: About an Intelligent World

29.05.2018 -

When video analytics was introduced into the security market many years ago, the first phase was quite frustrating for end-users, installers and system integrators.


Bosch at Light & Building 2018: Networked Solutions for Commercial Buildings

15.03.2018 -

Tomorrows commercial buildings are safer, smarter and more comfortable and efficient. At this years Light Building show, Bosch experts will showcase networked systems...

Fire Protection

Interview with Bosch and VdS on the Certification for Video Fire Detection Products

02.03.2018 -

The VdS, a German certification body, has developed a demanding test procedure for video-based fire detection software e.g. as the new Bosch Aviotec, incorporating the...


Standards for Video-based Fire Detection

18.01.2018 -

The limitations of conventional smoke and flame detection technologies quickly become apparent in demanding and harsh environments. In such cases, video-based...