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Fire Protection

Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall with Air Sampling Smoke Detectors

13.07.2018 -

A visit to Hamburgs Elbe Philharmonic Hall starts with a little ticket, but not necessarily with a concert ticket. A plaza ticket is enough to visit the Philharmonic Hall...


Protect People, Safeguard Valuables

06.02.2018 -

Minimum cause maximum effect: as lunchtime draws to an end, the employees of a production company leave the break room and return to their workstations. Meanwhile, in...


Aspiration Smoke Detection Systems

07.11.2017 -

Unlike in times gone by, fires these days are not necessarily associated with a positive outcome. They are rarely used for cooking or generating heat. Instead, fires...

Business Debate of Intelligent Fire Protection Solutions with Wagner

12.07.2017 -

In spring 2017 Carl Bryan, Managing Director, Wagner UK was welcomed to the London Stock Exchange Studios by presenter Sarah Locket to discuss the latest generation of...

Fire Protection

Active Fire Protection in Hazardous Materials Warehouses

14.03.2017 -

Stored goods are combustible, moderately or highly inflammable, or perhaps even capable of spontaneous ignition. They often have fire or explosion-conducive...


Wagner Becomes Euralarm Member

07.10.2016 -

Following a unanimous decision of its Board, Euralarm has now formally welcomed its newest member: the Wagner Group. The company will join the Fire Section of Euralarm...


Rainer Fano takes over plant engineering and construction America at Wagner Fire Safety

30.03.2015 -

On 1 October 2014 Rainer Fano became WAGNER's new Business Unit Manager America. Together with Albert Janjigian, well-known leader in the fire protection sector and...

Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Technology: Technology Against False Alarms

08.10.2014 -

When fires cause substantial property damage or even put lives in danger then this is usually a consequence of accepted risk, which is associated with the permanent...