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Check out the Czech: Fire Protection for Ostrava’s Residential Buildings

07.09.2020 -

Many houses in Eastern Europe do not have a proper and standard fire safety system, even though modern standards demand for it. Ajax Systems and Safe Home Europe will therefore ensure the fire protection of multi-story residential buildings in the Czech Republic.
Ajax Systems, together with Safe Home Europe security system distributor, launched a pilot project on fire protection of houses and neighborhoods in the Czech Republic. The project is mentored by the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (FRS CR), and the Czech Association of Fire Officers (CAFO). The focus of the project is on the wireless protection of existing multi-storey apartment buildings against fire.
The main goal is to acquaint the general public and associated organizations, such as residents of multi-storey houses, homeowners, housing and owners’ associations, service organizations, home administrations, rescue services, and installation partners of security systems with fire safety issues of the tower blocks. With that they wanted to brief the audience on potential threats and risks and share the possibilities of prevention and technical security methods of modern times.

Project Implementation
The need for the project arose, because lots of houses in Eastern Europe countries do not have a fire safety system, although all the modern security standards require this. In the Czech Republic, for example, it is the Decree No. 23/2008 Coll. on technical conditions for building fire protection, which was further amended by the Decree 268/2011 Coll. It would cost a fortune to set up wired security systems in every flat in the building and some people could also be against it.
Primarily, the concept and mechanics of the pilot project were agreed on with the CAFO. The tests were performed by Safe Home – they installed an Ajax security system in 12 various multi-storey buildings in the Czech city Ostrava-Zábřeh. The smallest building consisted of four floors and eight flats, the biggest one had 11 floors and 77 flats.
A Hub Plus and a couple of ReX signal extenders were installed in the entrances, and FireProtect detectors were set up on the stairwells. The residents also had the opportunity to install FireProtect in their flats if they wished to.
If FireProtect detected smoke, a built-in siren would go off to wake up everybody on the floor. Additionally, the residents were asked to download the Ajax Security System app. In case of fire, they would instantly receive a corresponding alert on their smartphones and would be notified about the emergency.
Within a minute, if the cause of the fire was not resolved, sirens of every FireProtect detector in the building would be activated, and the evacuation would begin.

Why Was Ajax Chosen?
“Some of our employees, family members, friends, and acquaintances live in these or similar buildings. For this reason, we have been looking for and waiting for a 100% solution that we will be able to stand up for; a technology that will meet all our demanding requirements without any compromises.
The Ajax system offers a professional, modular, and cost-effective wireless solution, making it clearly predestined for this purpose. Thanks to the expansion of the Ajax product line and the appearance of ReX radio signal extenders and Hub Plus central control panels, Ajax meets all the criteria necessary for the protection of this type of objects”, says Daniel Král, CEO of Safe Home.

What’s Next?
Now when the test stage is completed successfully, they are ready to move to the next step. In cooperation with FRS CR and CAFO, Safe Home currently prepares seminars and project presentations for all regional cities of the Czech Republic, allowing all interested parties to participate in a specific project, the goal of which is to maximally contribute to the protection of life, health, and property in multi-storey apartment buildings.
This September Safe Home will start to actively promote this security solution and project participation to all the associated organizations. Each region will have a partner that will provide the installation of the Ajax security system in the pilot residential building.
The goal is to scale the project to other regions as well and to expand the program at the national level.


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