Multiple Sensor Fire Detectors with Selectable Operating Parameters

The addition of two new detectors to the Cerberus PRO range from Siemens now enables one solution for any application. They feature the company's ASA technology (Advanced Signal Analysis) and selectable parameter sets, and complement the already comprehensive Cerberus PRO product portfolio.

Cerberus PRO is a powerful yet straightforward fire protection system, distributed exclusively by a network of approved Siemens Solutions Partners who are trained to design, supply, install, commission and maintain the Cerberus PRO products, without direct intervention by Siemens.

The new ASA neural fire detector (OOH740) and ASA neural fire and CO detector (OOHC740) both have the capability of early detection of flaming fires caused by the combustion of liquids or solids. They are especially suited to the exacting applications found in data centers, IT and telecommunications equipment rooms, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, canteens and kitchens, car repair shops and garages and industrial production facilities.
They ensure accurate detection of the fire criteria - smoke, heat and now also carbon monoxide. This guarantees maximum protection of people and property, even in the most demanding environments, whilst minimizing the possibility of false alarm.

They are also immune to deceptive phenomena such as machine exhaust gases, industrial dust or steam. As a result, they eliminate false alarms that can cause unnecessary and costly interruptions and delays. The new carbon monoxide sensor ensures early detection of CO-generating fires, detecting the gas independently of any fire through an autonomous carbon monoxide alarm channel. Moreover, the carbon monoxide parameter sets, which comply with Life Safety standards, can be selected independently of the ASA parameter sets.

Clever Detection Technology
Both new detectors contain two optical sensors with forward and backward scattering as well as two thermal sensors, enabling their use as multi-sensor fire detectors, smoke detectors or heat detectors. At their core are pre-programmed selectable ASA parameter sets - from highly sensitive to very robust - that meet the anticipated environmental conditions of each individual detection area.

Real-time situation interpretation results in the selected ASA parameter set being dynamically adapted, reacting more sensitively in the event of a fire and more forcefully in response to deceptive phenomena.

This gives unprecedented reliability against deceptive conditions. It also offers real flexibility if usage of any area changes as the existing detector can be re-programmed with a new parameter set appropriate to the new conditions.

A Broad Portfolio with Complementary Options
Cerberus PRO comprises various control panels, a broad range of fire and carbon monoxide detectors, peripheral devices and accessories. They are powered and communicate via the C-NET. The range includes linear smoke detectors, aspirating smoke detectors as well as those for EX explosion-protected zones.

Uniform hardware throughout the product range eases initial planning and also later expansion, even for campus-wide networks. Floor repeater terminals are loop-powered directly on the C-NET, saving planning, cabling and installation costs (the system's ‚distributed‘ intelligence enabling the use of unshielded cables). The FT2010 and FT2011 terminals also remain functional even in the case of an open or short circuit.

The backbone of the Cerberus PRO systems is an EN 54-approved industrial LAN network that can be readily integrated into an existing IT network and allows networking of up to 64 panels. Auto-configuration enables immediate fire protection, even during a building's construction. Enhanced remote operating functions are available for system diagnosis and monitoring, reducing on-site visits once the system is operational.


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