Standards On Video Fire Detectors

  • Standards On Video Fire DetectorsStandards On Video Fire Detectors

In the context of intelligent video, the application in the fire detection sector comes naturally. If video analytics can decide within seconds whether you are male or female, you can imagine that detecting smoke and/or flames is not as complex for the right software. Consisting of a sensor, an image processor, and a transmission path between the two, it can overlook large spaces at great distances and at the same time provide a video surveillance system as a bonus. The growing acceptance of fire detection systems based on video has led to a new standard.

The ISO/TS 7240-29:2017 is first international specification for video fire detection. According to ISO it includes specified requirements, test methods and performance criteria for video fire detectors that operate in the visible spectrum. Isaac Papier, Convenor of ISO subcommittee ISO/TC 21/SC 3, says: “The new ISO/TS 7240-29 provides owners and insurance carriers with the international consensus metrics for performance of VFDs.”

Keith Shinn, Chair of the same ISO subcommittee, mentions another factor: “In large open compartments, it can remove the delay in smoke travelling to the detector and result in a quicker response by emergency services. It can also permit smoke detection in harsh environments where it may otherwise be impractical.”

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