China Public Security Export: Successful Ending

  • China Public Security Export: Successful EndingChina Public Security Export: Successful Ending
  • China Public Security Export: Successful Ending
  • China Public Security Export: Successful Ending

The 14th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2013) came to a successful conclusion on November 1st. According to the latest statistics released by the Organizing Committee, there were over 150,000 professionals attending CPSE 2013 with more than RMB 23 billion ­(€ 2,8 billion) intended transaction volume. All of the statistics hit a record high.

Great Business and Big Projects
Business during the show was exceeding expectations so that for example during the expo, Tsinghua Tongfang company added an extra reception table due to the soaring orders. The S1 Megapixel Network HD Camera, a new product released by Tsinghua Tongfang on the expo, priced 199 yuan, was popularly welcomed. In just three days, Tsinghua Tongfang received more than 3,000 orders. The market of civil-use surveillance became one of Tsinghua Tongfang‘s focuses on cloud security & protection.

Merely in the first two days, Ui-Max had got several 2-million-plus projects of intelligent community and parking lot surveillance. During the expo, they contacted with lots of core customers from Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan and Guangdong, and had achieved cooperation intention with them on projects of intelligent residential district and parking lot, with a predicted order amount of over 30 to 40 million yuan.
Utepo is a company specialized in security and protection signal transmission. With the ever-deepening trend of HD and networking in video surveillance industry as well as the popularization of network monitoring, Utepo released E&P-link products, and a solution to HD network transmission application. On the expo, many high-quality core customers turned to Utepo, with the intended transaction volume reaching 40 million yuan.
Pedro Duarte, Vice President of Samsung Techwin Latin American, founder of the Latin American Security Association, concerned Chinese market eight years ago. He said that the CPSE 2013 was the biggest security expo he had ever seen. There were a large number of attending enterprises with their highly advanced products, many of which he found interesting. He was looking forward to launch in-depth cooperation with Chinese security enterprises.

Intelligent Secure Cities
The above mentioned examples are just some spotlights of CPSE 2013.

With the theme of „integrating the power of enterprises and capital, jointly promoting the construction of intelligent secure cities", it comprehensively showcased the most cutting-edge technology and innovative development security industry. A number of famous international enterprises, including Intel, Honeywell, Aptina, Schneider, Tyco, Ingersoll Rand, Bosch, Legrand, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Sanyo, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Pohang, Tamron, as well as well-known domestic security enterprises, including Hikvision, Vimicro, Huawei, Changhong, Haier, TCL, Dahua Technology, Hisilicon, Skyworth, Tongfang, Fiberhome, Digital China, CSST, Jieshun, Jinpeng, ZNV, Suzhou Kedacom, Netposa, Tiandy, Phoenix Optics, Fujian Forecam, brought in the most advanced security technology, solution and products, covering the field of video surveillance, anti-terrorism equipment, community security, biological recognition, access control, intruder alarm, building intercom, smart home, perimeter alarm, intelligent transportation, anti-counterfeiting and automatic control, etc.

1,500 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, up to 120,000 sqm exhibition area, nine exhibition halls and another two temporarily halls occupied, adding up to over 6,000 standard exhibition booths, 350,000 person-time visits, 15,000 overseas buyers and visitors, these all make CPSE 2013 the largest security expo worldwide. Oversea delegations, which are constituted of directors of security & protection associations from 42 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, Turkey, the Middle East, Asean, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on presented at the CPSE 2013, as well as security professionals and buyers from public security, transportation, electric power, education, medical care, culture and so on, from 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.

According to Mr. Yang Jincai, Secretary General of the CPSE Organizing Committee, with 25 years of constant development, 14 sessions of CPSE have been successfully held. With an ever-expanding scale, ever-improving degree of internationalization, and ever-enhancing influence year by year, it has become a grand event in the public security industry with the largest scale and impacts, greatly contributing to China‘s public security industry development, and the acceleration of global public security industry integration. CPSE provided service to over 6,000 enterprises so far, offering a hundred-billion-yuan business opportunity to nearly 320,000 professional buyers. Compared to the scale of the 13th CPSE held in 2011, CPSE 2013's exhibition space was increased by 10,000 square meters in this session, up by 10%; the number of standard exhibition booths was increased by 865, up by 22%; the number of exhibitors was increased by 134, up by 13.5%; the volume of on-spot transaction in CPSE 2011 reached 20 billion yuan, and in CPSE 2013 it has exceeded 23 billion yuan.

Plans to Grow
In terms of space capacity, CPSE 2013 has reached the upper limit of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Next step, CPSE will take preferential policy towards enterprises with stronger brand impact, R&D competency, innovative capacity and development potential. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Security Industry Association, Xinjiang International Exhibition Center, and the Global Security Industry Alliance signed in this CPSE a cooperation agreement on jointly holding the 1st session of China, Asia and Europe Public Security Expo. This is the first cooperation between the Shenzhen Security Industry Association and local exhibition, and we will further such kind of cooperation in the future, in an attempt to provide more professional exhibition services.

Mr Yang Jincai said, through CPSE 2013, we can see that the whole industry is still developing in a prosperous direction. Intelligent urban construction centered on smart security will be a new growth point for the industry in the future. In such a process, a number of enterprises with outdated products, technology, development planning, and management as well as a lack of independent innovation capability will finally be eliminated, the formation of security technology and security companies will be more diversified, and there will be a healthier development within the industry.

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