Video Analysis Module for Network Cameras

Embedding IPS Analysis Modules in Hikvision's Network Cameras

  • The IPS Video Manager is an ­IP-based, scalable platform for sophisticated video surveillanceThe IPS Video Manager is an ­IP-based, scalable platform for sophisticated video surveillance
  • The IPS Video Manager is an ­IP-based, scalable platform for sophisticated video surveillance
  • Alain Benoit, Head of Sales and Marketing at IPS Intelligent Video Analytics

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics is the first manufacturer that is taking part in the ‘Heop’ program of Hikvision. The abbreviation stands for “Hikvision Embedded Open Platform” – and this is where IPS is embedding five of its analysis modules into Hikvision’s Series 5 network cameras: motion, sabotage, intrusion, loitering and indoor detection. GIT SECURITY asked IPS Head of Sales and Marketing Alain H. Benoit about the details.

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Benoit, video analysis from IPS can be found in many thousands of companies, critical infrastructure, control centers etc. throughout Europe. Just recently you have been able to adapt and install your systems into Hikvision cameras. What advantages does this bring the customer?
Alain H. Benoit: Our customers can now install five video analysis modules from IPS in various different Hikvision cameras and quickly and flexibly create an economic but very efficient video surveillance system. The customer saves significant hardware costs by using these camera-based solutions: you need less server capacity, less bandwidth and less memory because just the alarm videos are transmitted. This brings an increased level of security in the monitored areas, reliable detection, even under adverse weather conditions and – not to forget – simple installation and configuration.

Hikvision’s ‘Heop’ program enables ­access by third-party systems. Is this a general trend?
Alain H. Benoit:
Yes it is: the hardware and software manufacturers must open up because customers are becoming ever less prepared to be dependent upon just one manufacturer – and often also service provider. In the future, they will have to be open and ready to integrate software or hardware from other companies and thereby offer the customer more capabilities and more flexibility.

Which systems can already be included – and how is the cooperation between IPS and third parties developing generally?
Alain H. Benoit:
Five of our camera-based analysis modules are integrated into the Axis Acap and Hikvision Heop platforms: motion, sabotage, intrusion, loitering and indoor detection.

Other camera manufacturers have also been in touch already. Our IPS Analytics Manager product already enables nine of our server-based analysis modules to be integrated in the video management software of other manufacturers. We have been working with particular success together with Milestone. We have already integrated the ANPR camera from Hikvision in our video manager. In addition, we can receive the GPS data from any system and display it in the picture and the plan. Especially for critical infrastructure, the data from a drone detection system can be processed. This enables the position of the drone and even the pilot to be displayed on the plan. We are currently also working on including further components (HW and SW) into our VMS.

Do you consider the technical capabilities of today’s intelligent video analysis to be already exhausted – or can we still expect some real innovations?
Alain H. Benoit:
I don’t think they’re technically exhausted at all. The future will still provide many opportunities for real innovation. Thanks to artificial intelligence and neuronal networks, the algorithms are getting ever better and smarter. But the user-friendliness must still be improved.

What are you working on at the moment – and what new products can we expect from IPS soon?
Alain H. Benoit:
We are currently working on a new generation of video analytics. Top Secret of course! And I really can’t say anything about that today. Just wait for the surprise from IPS!


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