Video Management System With Comprehensive Search Functions

Advanced Search Functions such as Time-lapse and Face Recognition

  • Video security: The soft- and hardware solution C-Werk from Grundig SecurityVideo security: The soft- and hardware solution C-Werk from Grundig Security

With the launch of the “Video Management System powered by C-Werk”, Grundig Security has brought a software and hardware solution for video security systems into its portfolio that has been conceived for almost all areas of application. Above all, its user-friendliness and simplicity of use as well as advanced search functions such as time-lapse and face recognition were high on the list during development.  
The C-Werk platform of the video management systems from Grundig is logical, systematically constructed and optimized for the user. It is completely scaleable, modular, and comes with an open system architecture. The transparent licensing model permits individual solutions – the customer only pays for things that they really need; that’s the manufacturer’s concept.
The VMS is based on an integrated concept with a uniform software solution: from the free version for IP cameras and network recorders up to the comprehensive video management solution for extensive and complex video systems.

Made for Everyday Use
When an event takes place, it’s all about quickly finding the relevant images. But searching through large amounts of video material is often time-consuming. And this is where this manufacturer’s system makes a start: the user should be able to quickly see the event and to initiate an appropriate reaction – and this should be as easy as possible for employees to achieve. So for example, repeated similar searches can be saved and called up at the touch of a button.

Search Functions
The system provides various search functions such as time lapse and face recognition. These can also be applied to external files, for example on .AVI files from other recording systems.
Using the “Time Lapse” tool, the user can display all movement events within a predefined space of time – and neatly compiled into a single video file. This significantly reduces the effort required to find a particular scene. The “Face Recognition” function enables faces to be quickly found and identified. The face found can be compared to a photo and a response automatically initiated.

This also functions over multiple cameras and recording sequences.

License Model
The manufacturer provides two licensing schemes – Pro and Premium. Also, different streams from one camera can be used for recording and display. This enables the data rate to be significantly reduced for multiple displays. The memory management can control the storage location and define the recording parameters of various connected cameras, also for different events. The hard disk is efficiently used by a special file system that saves disk space and increases data security. The modular structure and distributed architecture enable flexible design of the video system and, in particular, ensure high reliability.


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