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Vision Day Conference 2010

  • Yoon-Ho Ha, President of Samsung’s Security Solutions DivisionYoon-Ho Ha, President of Samsung’s Security Solutions Division
  • Yoon-Ho Ha, President of Samsung’s Security Solutions Division
  • James Smith, European Marketing Manager
  • Jake Kim, Managing Director Samsung Techwin
  • Peter Ainsworth, European Product Manager

It is almost a tradition that very early in the year Samsung Techwin is inviting its partners to the annual Vision Day conference. This year the conference took place in Antalya, Turkey on February 18th and 19th. The Vision Day conference is always a good opportunity for the company to inform their partners about the latest products and the strategy for the upcoming months. The delegates used the opportunity to be among the first to see and have hands-on demonstrations of many of the new products to be launched this year. At this year's Vison Day Conference the decision taken earlier to bring together the two security businesses from Samsung Techwin and Samsung Electronics occupied centre stage.

Managing Director Jake Kim explained in his opening speach that this decision is a giant step towards realising the ambition to become Europe's leading professional security manufacturer. Another result of the internal merger is that the company's unified R&D department will enable Samsung to launch 170 new products during 2010, which would include the introduction of new access control, door entry, fire and intruder detection systems alongside new video surveillance product ranges. Mr. Kim explained that considerable R&D time and financial investment had been made into the design and production of the new product ranges, which together with Samsung's analogue and IP/network based CCTV product ranges, would enable the company to offer customers a total security solution.

New IP camera Chipset to be Launched in 2010
This year will see the introduction of the WiseNet chipset which will enable Samsung to introduce a megapixel camera range with built-in advanced video analytics. The company also has ambitious plans to develop a comprehensive family of IP/network products with no less than 36 new network products being introduced during 2010. The evolution of Samsung's high performance camera ranges will also continue with the development of new advanced DSP chipsets. The delegates to the conference also learnt that new regional customer support offices will be opened to ensure Samsung's fast growing network of distribution partners are offered the highest levels of local support.

The opening of the new offices in the Nordic region, north Eastern Europe and in South Eastern Europe during 2010 will bring the total number of Samsung's local support offices to ten.
According to Mr. Kim, the recent decision to bring together the Samsung Electronics and Samsung Techwin's security product lines into a "single Samsung" supported by Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd across Europe will contribute greatly to the company achieving its vision and goals far sooner than would otherwise have been the case. "Our brand power is getting stronger and stronger now, and that will be cemented by targeted marketing throughout 2010," said Mr Kim.

Completion of the Samsung Security Solutions Offering
It was up to Peter Ainsworth to lead the audience through the presentation of the product line-up for 2010. Samsung's costumers will see a completion of the Samsung Security portfolio throughout 2010 and the massive investment in R&D together with the combined efforts of the two integrated divisions will result in a vast variety of new products.

For the analog range of products customers will have the choice among all the different types of cameras (box type cameras, dome cameras, speed domes etc.) and three major chipsets: A1, W5 and SV5. According to Peter Ainsworth the 2010 program will offer all options from entry level up to premium level and the company still invests heavily in its analog portfolio. Coaxial control, introduced in 2009, will be available for more camera models including some box type cameras and fixed domes in 2010 and enhancements like polygonal privacy masks will improve the intelligent tools included in some models this year. Completely new in in 2010 will be cameras with a 43x zoom lens and a flat dome camera.
The IP range of cameras will be completed in 2010 with the introduction of 36 new network products and the launch of the new WN2 chipset should open the market for high end megapixel IP cameras later the year. Peter Ainsworth promised the attendees of the Vision Day conference that by the end of 2010 the "freedom of choice" Samsung's customers are used to, will include Samsung range of IP cameras.

To complete the portfolio and to make an important step to become a provider of complete security solutions, Samsung will launch a series of access control products in 2010. Standalone access controllers based on face recognition, fingerprint and RFID technology will be introduced and the offering for control panels, RFID card and tag readers and door controllers will be completed.
The entry into the international market for intrusion detection will start with the introduction of intruder alarms products in the first six months of 2010. Samsung promised also to launch fire alarm poducts in the fourth quarter of 2010.

In his presentation James Smith, European Marketing Manager, made clear that Samsung will not only invest heavily into the development of new products but also in the marketing. An increased online presentation, communication packages in all the major languages and a broad presence at the 2010 security shows will support Samsung's partners and will enhance the brand power. The ambition is clear: Already in 2009 Samsung announced its goal to become the European security brand No.1.

During the Vision Day conference Yoon-Ho Ha, the new president of the Security Solutions division at Samsung, took the time to answer questions from the trade press. Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Ha served as President & CEO Southeast Asia and Oceania for Samsung Asia and as Senior Vice President of Display (Monitor business) Sales & Marketing Team in Samsung's Visual Display Division.

During the Q&A session with the press Mr. Ha explained that the EMEA market is of great importance for Samsung and that he has has lived in Italy and Germany for several years. According to Mr. Ha, Samsung was not so much effected by the financial crisis due to its diversification and strenght in the consumer market. He said that the company is now ready to expand its security business. Video surveillance will be in the focus of Samsung for the future, but it is also Samsung's plan to indroduce products for access control and fire protection in the near future. According to Mr. Ha security for residential homes and mobile security applications will also be part of Samsung's offering for the future.

GIT SECURITY: How will the business of the former Samsung divisions Samsung Electronics and Samsung Techwin be reorganized in the new constellation in terms of R&D and product development?

Y.-H. Ha: Samsung Electronics security division has been integrated to Samsung Techwin security solutions division. Regarding this integration I would like to mention two things. Firstly, we have already completed the reorganization very efficiently. The teams were mixed together and the structure has been set-up already. We are already working like a very old team at the moment, despite it all being new. Secondly, we are having a big synergy effect for R&D and product development. Formerly both Samsung Electronics and Samsung Techwin had very strong technology and product lines already, both companies had some similar technology and by doubling up the resources we have double the power and capabilities to develop market best product to meet customer requirements. This is why we are able to introduce 170 new products this year, which is proof of the good synergy effect of our integration.

Will we see new initiatives on the display and monitor sector from Samsung?

Y.-H. Ha: Samsung Electronics is currently one of the worlds largest monitor manufacturing companies and they are manufacturing the most advanced technology for monitors - LED etc. Samsung Techwin's Security division will cooperate with Samsung Electronics monitor division very closely in order to introduce enhanced product lines in this field. The new Premium Level 22" and 22''LCD displays presented here at the Vision Day conference are a first s




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