Nov. 29, 2012

Glove Series with Ultralight Duty Cut-Resistant Glove

  • Ansell: Glove Series with Ultralight Duty Cut-Resistant Glove.Ansell: Glove Series with Ultralight Duty Cut-Resistant Glove.

Ansell has added a new glove to its Hyflex series: the Hyflex 11-518.

Providing wearers with a barehand-like sensation without compromising cut protection or performance, the ultralight glove is rated for EN Cut Level 3 protection, making it ideal for precision handling and assembly of sharp, dry, ultra-fine parts.

The ultralight duty style Hyflex 11-518 is the first glove in the market to combine the mechanical protection properties of EN Cut Level 3 - associated with heavier duty gloves - with a remarkably comfortable, cut-resistant and multipurpose 18 gauge style. Recently introduced, Dyneema Diamond Technology's soft, strong, cut-resistant yarn is applied using Ansell 3D knitting technologies and finished with a tough PU coating, to deliver EN Cut Level 3 and EN Abrasion Level 3 in a lightweight and breathable fit and feel. In field trials the 11-518 was preferred by nearly 70% of workers now using heavier gloves for similar tasks, a comfort preference that correlates with compliance.

„Innovation is the hallmark of the Hyflex glove range legacy, and the first-to-market Hyflex 11-518 is the first of several additions we are making to this popular series to bring greater comfort and protection to workers around the world", said Scott Corriveau, President of Ansell's Industrial Global Business Unit. The glove „emphasizes Ansell's commitment to better protect workers and to increase productivity within the workplace by offering a lightweight glove that maximizes dexterity, tactility and protection".

Effective, Comfortable and Safe
The glove enables workers around the world to do their job more effectively, more comfortably and more safely every day. The multipurpose Hyflex 11-518 has applications across industries including machinery and equipment, metal fabrication, electrical machinery, automotive & Automotive OEM, white goods, packaging, aerospace and transportation.

In the 15 years since its launch, the series has gained critical recognition and market share for its winning combination of ergonomic design, comfort and superior mechanical protection. Today, the range extends to 31 individual styles, ensuring that there is a glove that fits every worker's job performance requirements and comfort expectations.


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