Jun. 07, 2017

Access Control Using Smartphones

  • Vincent Dupart, CEO of STidVincent Dupart, CEO of STid
  • Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid
  • SIA in the US awarded STid for the best mobile application at ISC West

There are many possibilities that mobile technologies can offer for access control solutions. From smartphones to smart watches, mobile devices are everywhere and are well-suited for a vast range of uses. Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid, discussed with GIT SECURITY how important it is to tie in great user experience with the top security systems in order to meet the growing need for corporate mobility.

GIT SECURITY: How would you assess the impact of smartphones on the way we work today?

Vincent Dupart: Around two-thirds of workers use their smartphone to access company applications. They are more mobile than ever and need the right tools to access their professional data at any time. BYOD-type approaches (Bring Your Own Device) give workers new freedom and improve their user experience. If you leave your access card at home, you probably won’t bother to go back for it, but if it’s your smartphone, you won’t think twice about turning the car around. Smartphones have become essential, making mobile technologies the logical next step in access control for offices, parking lots and warehouses. Users find them easier and more natural to use and Directors of Security love their straightforward and secure administration systems.

Does the fact that access rights are stored on a ultra-connected smartphone require extra layers of security for data protection? What are your thoughts?

Vincent Dupart: Obviously, the choice of digital solution must not compromise the core principles underpinning your security policy. Why would you outsource your data to a third party? Where is the data stored? Are you independent in managing your security? No technical or technological constraints should prevent Directors of Security from managing their systems independently, with the freedom to host sensitive data in-house if that’s what they want… In any case, data stored in a mobile application and any data exchanges must be secured using encryption and obfuscation methods that comply with government recommendations. Virtual cards need to offer the same levels of security as traditional high-security cards, while improving the user experience for workers.

This is where STid stands out from its competitors.

What do you mean by improving the user experience?

Vincent Dupart: Today’s mobile access solutions should also take advantage of Bluetooth Smart technologies and the latest advances in gesture technology so that users can unlock doors from a distance. This means that you could open a door by tapping twice on your smartphone or by swiping the access reader, even if you’re in the middle of a call or if your smartphone is tucked away in your pocket. Over 90% of workers feel that access control is a nuisance! Virtual cards and their many identification methods help workers to accept and comply with the security policy of businesses, industries and governments.

Your STid Mobile ID solution recently won a new award at ISC West in Las Vegas. Can you tell us more?

Vincent Dupart: In April 2017, the Security Industry Association presented STid with the award for the best Mobile Application for our secure and instinctive access control solution, STid Mobile ID. The Architect Blue range of readers and STid Mobile ID application have reinvented access control by making identification a fun and intuitive user experience. This innovative solution transfers access cards to smartphones either alongside or as a substitute for traditional RFID cards. This fifth award recognizes STid’s ability to drive the security market forward by offering non-propriety open technologies that make everyday life easier for users. It reflects our desire to propose increasingly innovative solutions that will win over new markets, including in North America.


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