Dec. 24, 2018

Access Management via Smartphone: As Few Clicks as Possible

A Glimpse Into the Developers‘ Workshop

  • Andres Westermann, Project Manager Mobile Development at Dom SicherheitstechnikAndres Westermann, Project Manager Mobile Development at Dom Sicherheitstechnik
  • Andres Westermann, Project Manager Mobile Development at Dom Sicherheitstechnik
  • System administration is intuitive when using the Dom EniQ app
  • Access control for small businesses and legal or medical practices is not difficult to implement using Dom components

The complete Dom system of locking cylinders, fittings and wall readers is easy to operate from a mobile phone, thanks to the ENiQ app. Set up authorisations for individuals, allocate transponders via the NFC interface, create devices: the app is highly intuitive and convenient. It is highly secure because all the data stays locally on your admin smartphone, without using a cloud system. BEST of Dom talked to Andres Westermann, Project Manager Mobile Development at Dom Sicherheitstechnik about it.

GIT SECURITY: Mr Westermann, you have presented a completely new app – the ENiQ app. Can you introduce us to the app please and briefly explain how it works?
Andres Westermann: The ENiQ app makes it easy to manage your locking systems. All it takes is a few clicks to generate users and devices, and then you can start to allocate your first authorisations. There is an event log with lots of convenient filter options. The user can also set up access authorisations with this app that include time restrictions, for example in the form of a weekly plan. Our authorisations model is designed for maximum flexibility: you can restrict authorisations for an individual, for example, that set up weekly plans that grant someone access on weekdays between 6:00 am and 2:00 pm or facilitate access for cleaning staff to specific office areas only on Tuesdays between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

How long was the app under development?
Andres Westermann:
Our international team of developers, designers and testers worked on the product for around two years – including comprehensive market analysis.

Which users is the ENiQ app intended for?
Andres Westermann: The ENiQ app has been conceived for small businesses. An example would be a law office with between two and 20 devices to manage. But the app can be used to manage up to 100 devices and 500 individuals.

The focus was on ease of use. Can you tell us more about that?
Andres Westermann:
 The user should be taken where he wants in as few clicks as possible.

For more complicated operations, our additional tutorials will help. We took great care not to hit the user with all the functions at once – so in the standard view we offer only four easy-to-understand main areas. The additional functions only appear when the user really needs them.

Securityin particular is an important argument for many users of digital locking systems. How does the ENiQ app address that?
Andres Westermann:
Security is paramount to us. In addition to our standard end-to-end device encryption, we also encrypt the security-sensitive data on the smartphone. By using the latest technologies, such as the ‚Android keystore system‘, we can guarantee the user a very high level of security.

Can users also set up the ENiQ app retrospectively, for example without having to reassign existing authorisations?  
Andres Westermann: Anyone currently working with a simple master card program will get an upgrade to the ENiQ app from us as necessary and existing authorisations and events will be retained. If they need more functions at a later stage, they have the option to switch to the larger ENiQ Access Management software.


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