Feb. 21, 2013

ADT installs CEM AC2000 Access Control for High-level Security Site

  • Aycliffe BuildingAycliffe Building
  • Aycliffe Building
  • S610F fingerprint reader

The core of Aycliffe Secure Center‘s business is based on its ability to provide a safe and secure environment for its young residents who are between the ages of 11 and 17. It offers high quality, secure accommodation, as well as education and assessment prior to the reintegration of adolescent individuals back into the community.

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, today announced that Aycliffe, a provider of comprehensive secure care facilities for young people, has chosen a CEM AC2000 standard edition Security Management System (SMS) and biometric technologies to help protect and secure its premises. ADT, a supplier of electronic and fire solutions, successfully installed and managed the full end-to-end deployment of the solutions.
ADT worked closely with both manufacturer and client to ensure the best solution was installed to match their specific business requirements. This system was chosen because it is a powerful and fully integrated security management system, ideal for securing large facilities such as Aycliffe, providing access control, alarm processing, photo badging and integration to third party systems.

In addition to the core system, an Alarm Event Display (AED) application was added to run on the management platform. This provides a graphical and textual representation of the status of all alarms and events across the entire system. The AED responds to all alarm situations in real time, providing a dynamic on-screen interface to external CCTV systems. At Aycliffe, the AED is used in conjunction with a video interface to provide the ability to associate access control alarms with Synectics digital video footage.

As well as providing the software, ADT worked here to heighten authentication at specific points in the facility. Given Aycliffe‘s focus on providing the utmost security for its residents, some CEM S610f biometric fingerprint readers were deployed in heavily restricted areas. This unit is a fully integrated biometric and access control reader that is used to control access to restricted areas and is managed and monitored by security staff using the main AC2000 system.

This streamlines operations in the event of suspicious activity to mitigate risk to residents.

Other hardware which was deployed and integrated within the central SMS includes CEM‘s door control modules to help ensure both the privacy and safety of those in the secure care facility. These control and allow for frosted glass to become clear once authorized personnel enter certain areas. This gives young people privacy when in their rooms, but also provides the necessary visibility to staff at the swipe of a card, ensuring security is a priority at all times.

Programmed Logic
„Utilizing a sophisticated multi door interlocking system that we created, Aycliffe has increased security by pre-programming, managing and authenticating access to specific areas, ensuring certain doors are locked before others can be opened" said Philip Verner, Regional Director of Sales, CEM Systems. He continued „This ensures only those with the specific card privileges can move unhindered throughout the building, ensuring all infringements are flagged to the operations team and any issues are handled effectively."

„We fully managed the end-to-end installation of this project, and installed the CEM AC2000 SE to reduce costs, as well as to meet the demanding needs of the facility" said Tracy Burtwell , National Accounts Director, ADT. „By working with the customer closely and installing a reliable solution, the facility can look after individuals in a secure environment to help protect their welfare and avoid potentially volatile situations."



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