Aug. 18, 2019

Assa Abloy: Choosing the Right Access Control System

A Five-Point Checklist To Help Customers

  •  Assa Abloy’s new checklist helps customers develop a strategic approach to choosing the right electronic locks. (Photo: Assa Abloy) Assa Abloy’s new checklist helps customers develop a strategic approach to choosing the right electronic locks. (Photo: Assa Abloy)

What factors determine the right access control for a building or business? Assa Abloy recently released a five-point checklist to help customers develop a strategic approach to choosing the right access control solution.

1. Extending an existing system
For future investments, it makes sense to choose locks built on open architecture. This gives customers flexibility going forward, enabling them to choose the right locks, not just the best available within a walled ecosystem. Wireless locks like Assa Abloy’s Aperio work with systems from over 100 different access control providers globally and can integrate online or offline, so users can continue with their existing credentials.

2. Site structure
High-traffic and low-traffic doors, indoor and outdoor doors: Almost everywhere, wireless locks are easier to install and maintain than wired locks. Certified wireless security locks add protection for sensitive areas or those with stringent standards or regulatory compliance demands. The chosen locking system should handle installations at a single site with standard doors and remote sites in the field with specialist access point applications.

3. Site users and their credentials
Most companies have to filter access for permanent staff, short-term contractors and visitors - an access control system should be flexible enough to cope with this. This also includes the credentials users issue. Different systems offer credentials stored on cards and fobs, or on programmable, battery-powered keys. Mobile access control should also be taken into consideration: An estimated 44 million mobile credentials will be downloaded by 2021, according to a recent IHS Markit forecast. The Openow app for Assa Abloy’s Smartair wireless access systems makes a user’s smartphone into their virtual key. Facility managers issue and revoke user “keys” using an app-based software.

4. Securing more than just doors
Many wireless system product ranges include locks for cabinets, machines, elevators or server racks. From a facility management perspective, there are workflow efficiency gains from monitoring all medicine stores, car parks, lockers or lifts from the same software interface as regular doors.

From a site user’s point of view, carrying only one credential for every access need is convenient and easier to use.

5. Access control in real time
With an online access control system, users can manage and amend door security at any time and from anywhere they can access its admin software. Managers can monitor their premises remotely and in real time. They can revoke access rights if a credential goes missing and, in an emergency, remotely lock or unlock an entrance. Assa Abloy’s Aperio wireless locks integrate via hubs with online electronic access and real-time monitoring systems in hospitals, schools, warehouses and student halls. With some wireless systems, including Smartair, you can combine “Update on Card” and online updating for different doors within the same building.

Wireless access control offers a compelling mix of security and flexibility. And, as Assa Abloy’s checklist emphasizes, it is a future-proof technology that users can already deploy right now.


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