Aug. 24, 2019

Assa Abloy: The New Smartair Knob Cylinder

  • The new Smartair Knob Cylinder easily secures indoor doors in various workspaces. (Photo: Assa Abloy)The new Smartair Knob Cylinder easily secures indoor doors in various workspaces. (Photo: Assa Abloy)

Assa Abloy has released their new Smartair Knob Cylinder. Part of the Smartair access control system, the device with integrated RFID reader is now more resistant to attack and quickly upgrades almost any existing regular door to an access-controlled door — without any drilling.

The new Knob Cylinder fits seamlessly into a Smartair system, providing user-friendly access management designed to monitor and who goes where, and when. The cylinder is battery-powered and works with every Smartair access management option, so users can choose between online, offline, update-on-card and standalone management — or combine more than one system at the same site with the same software interface.

Upgrading to the new Knob Cylinder works by just replacing an existing mechanical cylinder with the new device. Glass, wooden or aluminium doors, Scandinavian, Euro and many other profiles present no problem for the installation process.

The Knob Cylinder works with all standard proximity technologies, including Mifare, Desfire and Iclass, and also offers a new way to open doors: the Smartair Openow mobile app. With Openow, users no longer carry separate credentials, just their smartphone with secure virtual keys stored inside. There is no longer any need to collect or validate an access card to open authorized doors locked with the new Smartair Knob Cylinder.

Modern and mobile-ready, the Smartair Knob Cylinder is built to make buildings smarter: Its robust design, redefined aesthetics and easy installation were created for securing offices, business headquarters, conference or meeting rooms.


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