Feb. 29, 2020

Assa Abloy’s Smartair in Use at New Student Residence

  • Simple credential management ensures round-the-clock security for every door at Easy Student Rennes (Photo: Assa Abloy)Simple credential management ensures round-the-clock security for every door at Easy Student Rennes (Photo: Assa Abloy)

Assa Abloy provided their wireless access control system Smartair for a new student accommodation building in France. Around 100 access credentials are currently active at the premises in France. With key-free locking and easy management, the solution is the ideal system for a student residence. 

Student accommodation is a fast-growing sector. Student numbers across France have grown around 10 percent in a decade, around $1 billion was invested in France’s purpose-built student accommodation just between 2016 and 2018. For new premises in Rennes, France, provider Easy Student sought reliable, key-free locking. They wanted their new residence to run efficiently — “like a hotel” — and without the unnecessary workload that comes with managing and keeping track of physical keys.

Following a positive experience with the same technology in Nantes, Easy Student chose Smartair Update on Card wireless access control. Wireless Electronic Escutcheons with inbuilt RFID readers control access through 83 doors at Easy Student Rennes. Smartair Wall Readers secure non-standard entrances.

Smartair’s TS1000 software was one major reason for Easy Student’s choice. The intuitive interface and time-saving functionality make it easy for administrators to manage their access system. “Smartair does not require any technical knowledge. I trained quickly and found the software very easy”, says Cyril Verger, Managing Director at Easy Student Rennes. “The solution corresponds perfectly to our needs.”

If someone loses a credential, the TS1000 interface makes cancelling it fast and easy — a major change from the old days of physical keys, mechanical locks and key organization charts. “A lost key can still be used”, Verger added “A lost credential can be cancelled easily.”

Key-free entry for more flexibility
Smartair provides flexible access control for every student, service provider and facilities manager who uses the residence. Around 100 access credentials are active at any time.

It gives Easy Student managers the ability to change a user’s access permissions anytime, without visiting the doors. If an incident occurs, they can act quickly.

Security managers program every student credential to open multiple doors: the student’s own room, the main door and bike park around the clock; a common relaxation area and the laundry room between 6.30am and 11.30pm only. “Managing this way avoids comings and goings by people who don’t live here”, Verger explained.

“Our students are very happy with the solution”, Verger concluded. “They got used to it quickly, because this type of access control is found in lots of hotels and private homes. I highly recommend installing Smartair at other student residences.”

To learn more about Smartair at student accommodations, managers can download a free solution guide on Assa Abloy’s Website.


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