Dec. 15, 2016

Axis and Canon Work Under One Global Sales and Marketing Framework

  • Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis CommunicationsRay Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications

On September 1st, Axis Communications and Canon announced an agreement under which the two companies would change their sales and marketing efforts in major regional markets worldwide. It was explained that in the EMEA region and North America, Axis will assume responsibility for the marketing and sales of Canon’s entire network video product portfolio, starting in EMEA from September 1st and in North America from October 1st. We have asked Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications, to give us some more background.

In the announcement it is mentioned that Axis will assume responsibility for the marketing and sales of Canon’s entire portfolio in the EMEA region. Does this mean the portfolio that is sold via the Axis sales channel includes the former Canon product line that was introduced in the last months or will the EMEA offering consist mainly of Axis products?

Ray Mauritsson: We can offer Canon’s entire portfolio of network video products through Axis’ sales channels. However, since the Axis portfolio is larger than the Canon portfolio, it is natural that Axis products will make up the bigger part of the total offering.

Will the Canon sales force and marketing teams in the EMEA region be integrated in your activities?

Ray Mauritsson: No, the sales and marketing of Canon network video products in EMEA will be managed by the existing Axis marketing and sales organization.

What brand message will the customers see in the upcoming months on the product side? The Axis brand plus the Canon brand?

Ray Mauritsson: Axis’ products will remain Axis branded, and Canon’s product will remain Canon branded. This change only means that we have assumed responsibility for sales and marketing, not that the brands will change.

Are you considering rethinking the Axis marketing strategy in the EMEA region now that Axis has the lead for marketing for both brands here?

Ray Mauritsson: We won’t change our marketing strategy in EMEA because of this change in operations, other than that we now of course can offer a broader product portfolio to our customers.

How do you see the future of the entry-level market segment where Axis has placed its Companion series? Is it an option to use the Canon distribution channel in this segment?

Ray Mauritsson: We don’t have any such plans. We continue to develop our partner network with dedicated Axis Companion Specialists focusing on the target market for our Axis Companion line.

Access Control is the hot topic at the moment. How do you see your position here in EMEA and do you see growth opportunities here beyond the offering of the door controller you have introduced?

Ray Mauritsson: Access control is a fragmented market but the access control solution is often managed next to other systems that can operate together. We see good opportunities for growth in offering integrated solutions involving video surveillance, access control, door stations, audio and more.

There are growing concerns in the market about security within security, systems hacks etc. Do you want to comment on Axis’ activities here?

Ray Mauritsson: All network devices are subject to potential risks, including network cameras. We take this issue seriously and have detailed processes to eliminate vulnerabilities in our products before they can be exploited. And from an end-user perspective, one of the most important measures is to have installed the latest firmware or software in all network products. It is also important to note that security of a system could not be ensured by only having the right security features in a product. A complete framework of policies, settings and procedures needs to be established. We are supporting our partners and end customers with this by e.g. our “Hardening Guide”.


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