Jul. 20, 2017

Border and Object Protection Designed and Produced in Italy

Magic from Milan

  • Sicurit‘s Absolute Pro dual-technology barriers make a formidable hindrance to intrudersSicurit‘s Absolute Pro dual-technology barriers make a formidable hindrance to intruders
  • Sicurit‘s Absolute Pro dual-technology barriers make a formidable hindrance to intruders
  •  Sicurit has a very varied product portfolio, built around highly effective detection techniques. Where the situation calls for a theft prevention or intrusion detection solution, either indoors or outdoors, the company probably already has a suitable pro

Sicurit Alarmitalia has been producing and distributing security systems since 1971. Today the company is a major player in the Italian market and, since 2000, has been exporting its perimeter protection systems to more than 25 countries, from the USA across to the Far East. Here we take a look at the diverse perimeter protection solutions emerging from the factory in the north of Italy.

The Sicurit Alarmitalia administrative and commercial offices are in an industrial area north of Milan. The company has seven national agencies, two international subsidiaries and also two international representative offices. The company has its own RandD department, a production plant and also an outdoor test field. Set up in 1990, this division has contributed to company growth and internationalization, becoming one of the main suppliers of perimeter protection solutions, mainly for industrial, governmental and military applications.

Great attention to detail is given during the manufacturing process, from the choice of raw materials to the rigorous tests carried out by technicians. The company provides comprehensive support, both pre-sale and post sale, that has allowed Sicurit to gain the trust of major customers in the security market. It has made a commitment to its clients to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards for its products and services that are in line with the quality targets required by its clients and by applicable laws. The company‘s quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2008, one factor which has allowed it to become a trusted supplier to many highly sensitive areas. Its products are deployed for the protection of civilian , industrial and military sites including airports, government compounds, financial institutions, electrical and nuclear power plants and correctional facilities.

Two Eyes are Better than One
Perhaps the most familiar Sicurit product are the dual tech barriers that combine digital bi-directional IR beams and microwave technology within one unit. These are well suited for high risk areas located in critical environments where conventional technologies fail to grant continuous proper operation.

The Absolute Pro is the active barrier able to properly maintain high security during thick fog, heavy rain, strong snowfalls and sandstorms. The system provides maximum reliability of intruder detection with minimum false alarms and can be custom designed to any height and component array, suiting each security requirement. It is completely immune to direct solar rays or the car headlights that are often a cause of nuisance alarms in conventional IR beam barriers.

Data communication between the Absolute Pro slave (TX) and master (RX) units is optical and does not require any sync. cable, which would make installation procedures longer and more costly. The security of the optical data transmission is guaranteed by continuous regeneration of specific codes protected with checksums. The columns can also be equipped with built-in CCTV cameras: the cameras are invisible and protected by a Plexiglas cover and are therefore completely protected against atmospheric agents as well as being hidden from tampering attempts. The columns have a useable range of between 50 and 200 meters.

IP Native barriers
Sicurit recent attention has been focused on medium-large scale project requirements for IP connectable devices with high remote control and eventual interaction if needed. Absolute Pro (Dual Technology barrier) and Avantagarde (IR Beam barrier) are Sicurit solutions for such requirements because are able to provide unique tools under both management and maintenance point of view. As an instance any IR Beam can be easily disconnected and reconnected by Software when drastic environmental changes or temporary obstacles require it; a precise signal efficiency analysis (SEA) constantly monitor condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed; IN and OUT dual alarm information can be set to better monitor with associated CCTV equipments nearby suspicious activities.

Perhaps one of the most discreet Sicurit products is a sensor cable to detect breaking through barriers and walls. Wall Guard sensor cable can be attached to or buried in a wall and will detect the typical vibrations of break-through attempts. If only they‘d had one installed in the vaults in Hatton Garden, where the quite aged team of crooks were able to drill three adjacent holes through a solid concrete wall without being detected. The system would have not responded to heavy trucks in the street outside or even vibration from thunder, but vibrations caused by the cutting unit would have triggered the alarm.
The Sicurit Dave digital microwave intrusion link represents a further technological step forward in outdoor perimeter protections. It has been designed for quick and easy installation and it is suitable for any kind of environment that requires medium to high security standards. Advanced digital signal processing strongly increases detection accuracy and enables the discrimination of unwanted targets with more precision compare to traditional analogue microwaves. Intrusion detection, using a modulated amplitude sensitive system, takes place with changes of signal amplitude at the receiver that are directly related to the object’s size, speed and density, allowing the sensor to discriminate between objects.

The Dave interface has been developed either for networking over IP RS barriers into the company‘s own Hyper Power security management system and/or into third party systems through programmable open-contact output modules. Being one of Geutebrueck‘s main commercial partners, the CMH9000 Dave interface has been implemented with GETAS protocols, allowing an easy and intuitive integration with Geutebrück‘s Gevisoft central CCTV management software.

Museum Solutions
Valuable paintings on exhibition in museums, castles or private places to which the public has free access can be protected by the Sicurit Raffael sensor. It gives continuous protection (24 hours a day) for paintings by protecting the canvas itself. It is particularly suitable for large canvases in heavy frames, hung on a wall where other systems cannot be used or require installation on the painting itself, and it does not damage them. The sensor detects the movement of the canvas by a flag. If the canvas comes too near or goes too far away from the sensor body, an alarm is triggered.

Leonardo is a wireless solution to secure museums, halls and private collections where the use of cable systems in not feasible. The system consists of a wireless receiver and detectors to be leaned on the object to be protected. Up to 30 detectors can be assigned to a wireless receiver unit and the communication is bi-directional between detectors and receiver. Detectors sends status reports every 15 seconds and an alarm condition will send a message immediately. Wireless comunications are encrypted and the whole message changes with every transmission, even from the same detector.

Heavy Art
The Van Gogh surveillance system for paintings has been devised to protect a large number of works of art hanging in museums and galleries. Paintings and tapestries are typical objects that require protection; the alarm is triggered if an object is touched or removed. The painting is hung by a straightened stainless steel wire attached to a sensor which evaluates the forces exerted on it. Very small movements and attempts to touch and/or remove the protected object are detected according to the set sensitivity. The work of art needs only to be touched to trigger the alarm: total protection, therefore, both against theft and acts of vandalism.
The Michelangelo sensor has been devised to protect valuable objects on exhibition in museums, castles or private places to which the public has access. The sensor gives continuous protection (24 hours a day) by continuously monitoring their mass. It is particularly suitable for statuettes, vases, precious stones etc. Michelangelo triggers an alarm when the object is touched, moved or removed. The initial weight of the object is measured and memorised, and any successive increase or decrease of the mass will trigger the alarm. The sensitivity of the sensor is independent of the weight of the object, which can be from just a few grams up to 100 kilograms. Any jerks or nudges to the base of the sensor do not trigger false alarms.

Sicurit has a very varied product portfolio, built around highly effective detection techniques. Where the situation calls for a theft prevention or intrusion detection solution, either indoors or outdoors, the company probably already has a suitable product available. And customers can be sure that new products will continue to appear in the coming years, making the best use of one, two or more types of technology to put insurmountable invisible barriers in the way of the many crooks of this world.


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