Oct. 11, 2017

Bosch is bringing more intelligent viewing to your screens

  • For the Bosch latest AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i moving cameras, a few seconds is all that’s required to create the most detailed of pictures.For the Bosch latest AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i moving cameras, a few seconds is all that’s required to create the most detailed of pictures.
  • For the Bosch latest AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i moving cameras, a few seconds is all that’s required to create the most detailed of pictures.
  • For the Bosch latest AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i moving cameras, a few seconds is all that’s required to create the most detailed of pictures.

How much information can you learn about something in just a few seconds? If it’s a person, you may get to know their name and age. If it’s a car, a few seconds may be enough to register the brand and color. But for the Bosch latest AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i moving cameras, a few seconds is all that’s required to create the most detailed of pictures.

Until now, the main criteria for a video security camera was what it could show you; level of detail (number of pixels), and number of frames per second to easily capture moving objects. With Bosch AUTODOME IP cameras it’s more a case of show and tell, because with built-in Essential Video Analytics they’re changing the way video security is viewed. Quite literally.

Follow every move

Fixed cameras have their limitations. They may react quickly to movement and provide images of the highest quality, but when your subject moves beyond the camera’s field of view, it’s gone, and you’re missing vital footage.

Bosch AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras can stay in step with an intruder because they pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ), enabling you to continue monitoring your chosen subject as they move, even at speed, far beyond the range of a regular fixed camera. So, although they may run, there’s a very good chance they will ultimately run into trouble.

By using data, security just got smarter

In recent years there has been a phenomenal rise in data collection; it’s almost become the norm. However, what’s equally prevalent is how little of this data is actually applied. According to statistics just 10% of data gets used, whilst the rest loses its relevance, and value, within a matter of seconds.

At Bosch, we believe that 100% of the data captured by our cameras should be used, and regard it as the foundation upon which the future of video security should be based. To demonstrate our commitment to this belief, the new AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras now all feature built-in video analytics as standard; this is a category first.

Now, all images captured will carry additional metadata which, in turn, presents a wealth of opportunities for our customers to further improve their security and personalize the metadata for other uses beyond security.

With video cameras that provide a constant data feed, pre-determined criteria can be entered that, once met, will automatically alert the user.

An example of how this can be used effectively is when dealing with various traffic situations: enforcing regulations or no-parking zones, detecting vehicles driving the wrong way along a street, and delivering data connected to occupancy for smarter, more efficient car parking.

Essential viewing that also makes for interesting reading

With Essential Video Analytics built in, AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras give you a better understanding of what’s being viewed. Instead of simply capturing images, the application of metadata adds context and meaning to video footage by delivering the kind of information that was previously unavailable, such as size, speed, shape, direction of movement and color. This also gives the cameras the intelligence to distinguish between a person and a vehicle, and even differentiate between vehicles themselves; car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck etc.

Your security. Your rules.

If everyone had the same security concerns, we’d all have the same, basic, single-function security camera. The reality is quite the opposite, and so are the configuration capabilities of the latest Bosch AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras. It’s now possible to set specific alarm rules to deal with the particular security concerns faced by your business. If, for example, there is the potential for someone to enter your premises by climbing over a fence, an alarm rule set precisely for that occurrence will alert security personnel in a matter of moments.

There’s more good news for you, and bad news for intruders. AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras are so sophisticated, they can be configured to recognize changes in speed (when a person is running), body shape (if they adopt a crouching position) and aspect ratio (should they drop down from a high level to the ground, for example). If anyone thinks they can go unnoticed, they can think again, because Bosch AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras have the built-in intelligence to outsmart them. In fact, they could be the most-wanted cameras to deal with unwanted visitors.

Find that crucial minute, from hours of footage, in seconds

If your business falls victim to a crime, it’s never a good feeling. But knowing you have video footage as evidence can provide a small amount of consolation. However, if the exact footage you need is going to take hours to retrieve it can lead to costly delays in a criminal investigation. It’s not an overstatement to say that, in these situations, every second counts.

With this in mind, the informative metadata feature that comes as standard on the AUTODOME IP range can be used in combination with a unique forensic search functionality to enable instant retrieval of vital footage from hours of archived video, even events that were not originally set up to create an alert.

Security cameras that also monitor running costs

All Bosch AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras deliver Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and Intelligent Streaming which, when combined with H.265 video compression, can reduce bitrate by up to 80%. This makes the retention of video data more manageable, whilst significantly reducing network strain and storage costs.

Being cost-efficient, however, does not compromise on standards. As customers expect from Bosch, all our products are simple to understand, easy to install, and deliver outstanding image quality and the latest data security measures.

The AUTODOME IP 4000i – Inside intelligence

Specifically designed for indoor use, the AUTODOME IP 4000i is one of those clever types that prefer to stay in the background, thanks largely to its discrete housing that can seamlessly blend into almost any interior décor. Inside that discrete housing, though, is a rather special camera that comes with full pan and tilt control, plus 12x optical zoom capable of identifying fast-moving objects in 1080p resolution at distances of up to 88 meters, all at an impressive 60 frames per second.

The AUTODOME IP 5000i – There’s no hiding place

For commercial applications with a larger surveillance area, the AUTODOME IP 5000i is the right camera for the job; indoor and outdoor. It has a 30x optical zoom, 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second video, so fast-moving objects can be identified at up to 190 meters during daytime, even under challenging light conditions.

The AUTODOME IP 5000i IR – Enlightening, even after dark

Now you can shadow the movements of your subject when they’re under cover of darkness. The AUTODOME IP 5000i IR delivers the same excellent performance as the 5000i during the day, but really shines when the sun goes down. It has a built-in infra-red beam to ensure optimum illumination, regardless of zoom level, and is ideal for larger areas as it can identify objects at up to 150 meters.

Discover how much more can be seen beyond the screen

With their built-in Essential Video Analytics, Bosch AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i video security cameras are taking data usage to the next level. By giving businesses the capability to access information that goes beyond conventional security applications, we can help customers to make smarter business decisions, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve sales. And, deliver a return on investment that can be measured through tangible business results.

Just as security is always a priority for you, security innovation is always a priority for Bosch.


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