Jan. 14, 2010

Chipset Evolution - Is the Key

The Contribution of the New Samsung Techwin Chipsets to Improve Image Quality

In years gone by, purchasers of CCTV systems would perhaps have looked no further than the outline description of a camera to decide
if it was suitable for a specific project. The fact that a particular camera, for example, incorporated a 1/2" or 1/3" chip made by one of the well know manufacturers, might have been sufficient for it to be specified. Nowa­days, although the size and type of the sensor continues to play a very important part in the quality of an image, particularly in low-light situ­ations, it is the DSP chipset which processes the image that seems to be offering the most recent advance­ments in camera performance and functionality.

David Hammond, Sales Manager for the professional security division of Samsung Techwin Europe explains "As a company we have a reputation for producing some of the finest security cameras in the world. One of the major reasons for this is attributed to our continued investment and development of our DSP chipsets that form the core of our cameras and domes". Samsung Techwin has two DSP chipset technologies - the "Winner" (W) and "Super Vision" (SV) series - which feature in the vast majority of its camera and dome products. The company however has just launched to early acclaim its W-5 DSP chipset, the fifth generation of its "Winner" series which brings some very advanced technology to a host of general purpose cameras and domes.

Improved Low Light Performance

"The results of our investment in research and development is what makes us stand out from the crowd in terms of image quality, low -light performance and additional functionality", added David Hammond. "Just three years ago for example it could not perhaps be imagined that innovative technical features such as Digital Image Stabilisation, Highlight Compensation and Dynamic Backlight Compensation could be available in anything other than the most expensive of CCTV cameras. And yet Samsung Techwin has incorporated all these features and much more into the new W-5 DSP chipset, the ‘engine room' of the company's expanding mid-range day/night cameras and domes."
W-5 is designed to equip cameras with greater stability and articulated image processing to deliver colour images at 600TVL of resolution.

A Sens-up capability of 512x allows cameras to capture superb quality images at 0.001Lux, (0.05Lux sens-up off), a lighting level far below at which most other day/night cameras are likely to have switched to a monochrome image.
Among the key features available via the W-5 DSP chipset is the third generation of Samsung's highly acclaimed Super Noise Reduction technology. SSNRIII uses "Pattern Matching" to simultaneously reduce noise and maintain the object's edges in both static and moving images. After removing the noise, a very small 3 x 3 matrix matching system is employed to ensure the scene produced by the camera is as close as possible to the original image. SSNRIII removes image noise in low light conditions without creating ghosting or smear and can save up to 70% hard disk space on a digital video recorder, whilst maximising bandwidth when viewing over a network.

Privacy Zones

The W-5 DSP also provides advanced features such as day/night operation and frame integration to enhance low light performance as well as eight programmable ‘Smart' motion detection zones and no fewer than twelve privacy zones. "With the ever increasing number of surveillance cameras in our lives, there is also an ever increasing need to protect private and sensitive data," said Peter Ainsworth, Samsung Techwin's European Product Manager. "The introduction of privacy zones in cameras ensures that ATM screens, for example, or the windows of private residences are masked out. Having twelve independent zones improves the balance between the need for surveillance and privacy. Instead of masking a whole building there is the option to just mask the windows and doors."
All of the features incorporated into the W-5 DSP chipset are programmable via onscreen menus accessed either locally or remotely set up from the comfort of the control room via a coaxial control cable. Coaxial control allows both video and telemetry to be transmitted via the coaxial cable, giving full access to camera set-up and pan-tilt-zoom functions via a compatible digital video recorder. The technology offers the potential of real cost savings through the reduction of cabling infrastructure whilst providing flexibility for retro-fit applications by allowing existing equipment to be upgraded quickly and easily.

W-5's Advanced Features

Samsung Techwin's ambition to be one of Europe's leading professional security brands is reflected in the company's move to incorporate the choice of eight European languages on-screen menu options into the W- 5 DSP chipset. Additionally there are some more advanced features incorporated in the new chipset:

  • Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) is Samsung Techwin's new Dynamic Backlight Compensation, which automatically lightens the dark areas within the scene whilst maintaining the brighter areas at the same level. This ensures that the dark areas become more visible allowing the operator to ‘view' objects in the shadows. Highlight Compensation technology identifies areas of peak white, i.e. excessively bright areas, in the image and neutralises it by inverting them to black/grey. This effectively enables the camera to see past these areas allowing the operator to view previously hidden details.

  • Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) technology that can negate the effects of the camera shaking due to high winds or building vibration.

  • 600TVL of resolution delivers superb high quality colour images even in the most demanding of light conditions.

  • Coaxial control offers the potential of real cost savings as well as providing flexibility for retro-fit applications.

As is the case with all Samsung Techwin products, cameras and domes equipped with the W-5 DSP chipset are offered with free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.


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