Jun. 12, 2012

East Midlands Airport Takes off with Indigovision IP Video Surveillance

Located in the heart of the UK, East Midlands Airport is an important hub for UK passenger travel, connecting over four million passengers annually with more than 90 destinations. As the UK's primary pure freight airport, it is home to leading air freight operators DHL, TNT and UPS and is also a major air hub for the Royal Mail. With this high responsibility for people and property, the airport's operators need a highly efficient surveillance system.

Indigovision's end-to-end IP video surveillance systems have recently been installed at the airport, providing the business with more detailed analysis and greater storage of video surveillance footage. Working with local partner P&G Electrical, Indigovision has reused some of the existing infrastructure and cameras, adding new high definition cameras, 195 static and 18 PTZ cameras in a mixed constellation of analogue and IP units.

The distributed and open architecture of this IP video system provides the ideal installation platform for the migration of existing CCTV equipment, and seamless integration with other security systems. The company's NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are now providing the airport with 52TB of storage, necessary due to increased government requirements for retention of footage. The export of that footage for analysis has also been simplified.

Three ‘Control Center' stations have been established at the airport, to allow multiple-location monitoring from the car park, security operations and apron control centers. User reports have been particularly positive regarding the camera salvos, guard tours and alarm acknowledgment features of this management software suite, as well as its easy to use, intuitive interface.

John Doherty, Security General Manager East Midlands Airport, commented: "The Indigovision solution has allowed new technology to enhance our security monitoring and analysis of footage here at East Midlands Airport. As a large organization with multiple sites that need to be monitored, the IP Video surveillance system has provided us with an easy to use solution that suits all of our requirements."

All cameras across the airport now use the company's Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF) technology.

ACF controls the frame rate of the video stream based on the amount of motion in the scene. When there is no activity, video is streamed at minimal frame rate; the instant any motion is detected, video is simultaneously transmitted at maximum configured frame rate. This significantly reduces the bandwidth and NVR storage requirement for cameras monitoring generally static scenes.



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