Aug. 31, 2016

Geutebrück expands Business Area Video Security

Security in Essen in Germany is a great venue to present new products, features, and technical highlights. The German trade fair is a natural fit in this respect. However, Geutebrück has a different focus: The benefits for the customer. In addition to conventional aspects of security, this also includes economic advantages for users.
These two core benefits are so important to Geutebrück that the company has decided to expand its existing video security business area with a second field: Value Imaging.

"In terms of conventional video security, companies invest to secure an area or a specific piece of property.

Value imaging is an additional benefit that results from our solutions. If you visualize the interfaces in your processes, you can discover enormous potential. Hidden value becomes visible and, most importantly, it can also be utilized!" explain Katharina Geutebrück and Christoph Hoffmann, Managing Directors of Geutebruck.

Value Imaging works wherever goods are transported from A to B, from the baggage carousel at the airport to order picking in industrial companies and in conventional logistics processes of all kinds. The core of this solution is a combination of scanned data and video images. Cameras record the condition of the goods at all times and in detail, but it is their combination with scanned data that first enables efficient search procedures. This video information is used for confirmation when communicating with customers and helping to clarify irregularities, and it is also used for analysis and optimization of processes. "In our experience, shorter loading times, improved returned goods monitoring, and detection of incorrect loading make Value Imaging an investment that pays for itself in a few months," continue the two directors.

(Hall 2.0, booth 2C38)


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