May. 26, 2019

Grundig Security Creates Harmony Between Hardware and Software

A Classic with a Future

  • Ludwig Bergschneider, CEO Abetechs GmbH (Grundig Security)Ludwig Bergschneider, CEO Abetechs GmbH (Grundig Security)
  • Ludwig Bergschneider, CEO Abetechs GmbH (Grundig Security)
  • The Grundig VMS powered by C-Werk is based on an integrated design with a continuous uniform software: from the free ‘Viewer’ for IP cameras and network recorders through to a comprehensive video management solution for extensive and complex video systems

The roots of Grundig Intermedia – and thereby also of Grundig Security – lie in the traditional German Grundig company. Founded in 1945, it became known worldwide for its radios and TVs. Today, around 1,600 employees work in the various divisions that carry the Grundig brand. GIT SECURITY interviewed the CEO, Ludwig Bergschneider, and found out more about the Grundig Security portfolio.
GIT SECURITY: Mr Bergschneider, firstly let’s take a look at the extent of the Grundig Security product portfolio – perhaps starting with the hardware ... ?
Ludwig Bergschneider: The current product range of many manufacturers is very diverse. The demands of many applications in the market, however, are often identical – such a broad product range is often not necessary. So we at Grundig Security maintain a different philosophy: our aim is to address the whole subject of video security with as few products as possible. Naturally we offer a complete range from one source – from the camera technology, image transmission and recording through to presentation on a monitor. The advantage for the user is that all the components are perfectly attuned to one another, everything fits together.

And you are dedicated to IP technology at the core ...?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
Yes. We do however also offer the ability to economically benefit from ‘High Definition Video’ with the help of TVI products. Even the expansion of existing systems is easily achieved: TVI and IP technologies are both scalable and also exchangeable with each other so that the optimum solution can always be provided.

There are three product ranges for video surveillance: Essential, Pro and Premium. How do they differ, for which environments have they been conceived and which for customers are they generally intended?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
The ‘Essential’ product range includes all the usual functions of a video security solution and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

For more elaborate systems, the ‘Pro’ series provides special functions and benefits, depending on its area of application. The ‘Premium’ product range was developed for the most demanding security situations. We will appeal to all those customers who are looking for a professional solution to fulfill all their surveillance needs and that will be installed by a professional security specialist.

The hardware, from the camera to the monitor, comes these days from many different manufacturers worldwide – in every level of quality. You have positioned Grundig Security in the market primarily by the software – that is, the video management software. What particular features does it offer?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
The Grundig VMS powered by C-Werk is based on an integrated design with a continuous uniform software: from the free ‘Viewer’ for IP cameras and network recorders through to a comprehensive video management solution for extensive and complex video systems. The platform is logically and systematically designed and completely tailored to the user. C-Werk is also totally scalable and modular and features an open system architecture. This transparent licensing model allows individual adaptations, so the customer only pays for what he really needs.

The subject of video analysis also belongs here. It’s been around for many years already – what makes a Grundig Security system special and what can it do?
Ludwig Bergschneider: 
Grundig Security delivers almost all known video analysis functions, including intrusion, fence and site security, face and license plate recognition, a heat map function, person and vehicle counting and much more. In our solutions, the customer decides for themselves whether the image analysis should take place on a server or directly in the camera (edge analytics). This is highly dependent on the customer’s own requirements. Our sales and technical support teams help the installers and system integrators to find the right solution for each user. In particular with the application of video analysis, correct planning is critical to ensure the right result.

Rapid image searching is a characteristic of your systems. How does that work exactly?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
The data obtained from the image analysis is stored as metadata in the video management system powered by C-Werk. This metadata includes elements such as license plates and parameters of face recognition, but also differentiation, for example, between people or vehicles, object size, the direction of movement, speed and color. All these parameters are available in the system as search criteria across all cameras, which greatly simplifies the image search. C-Werk finds the appropriate images within seconds, even out of hundreds of video tracks that were recorded over many weeks. And the best thing is that this impressive search function is also available for video recordings from third parties. This enables searches to be made, for example by the police, in video material from different sources. The corresponding software suite is in our portfolio.

This openness belongs to the core of the ­company culture at Grundig Security . . .
Ludwig Bergschneider:
Compatibility with other providers has great importance for Grundig Security. This enables us not only to find the best solution for the end user but also to guarantee investment security – today and in the future. That’s why our technical team looks after conformance with international standards – such as ONVIF, for example – as well as integration with third party suppliers.

. . . and that also means that, if necessary, you will be helping withintegration of your products into third party systems on-site?  
Ludwig Bergschneider:
Yes, sometimes system integration is also project-specific. In such cases we’re happy to provide support on site if it’s required.

Mr. Bergschneider, the Grundig brand has a broad and colorful history. What does the brand stand for these days in Germany and worldwide? What does the brand philosophy contain and how is the brand management structured today?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
The roots of Grundig Intermedia lie in the traditional German Grundig company that was founded in 1945 and became known worldwide for its radios and TVs. It is one of the leading providers worldwide of electronic entertainment products as well as small electric appliances and household machines. The expansion of the product portfolio with ‘white’ goods in 2013 made the company the only European full-range supplier. There are currently around 100 employees working in Marketing, Sales, Product and Quality Management as well as Logistics and Service. Worldwide, we have around 1,600 employees in the various divisions that use the brand. Grundig is one of the best known brands in Europe. In Germany alone, its degree of brand awareness is an impressive 98 percent. But this is just one reason for the extremely positive growth over the past twelve months. The introduction of the slogan „Grundig – Made For You“ has awoken positive memories and simultaneously transported the message that the needs and wishes of our customers are most important – in technology, in design and also in service.

What new products can we expect from ­Grundig Security in the near future?
Ludwig Bergschneider:
We will continue to work for the perfect harmony between hardware and software. So, for example, we will combine economic, powerful hardware from the ‚Embedded NVR‘ range with the exceptional C-Werk video management system. This enables us to attain superb system stability and an even better scalability. This is just one example of the new items that are planned. In addition, there will be ultra-modern cameras and recorders, the continuous development of our video management systems as well as a comprehensive range of industrial quality monitors. But our main aim is still to deliver brilliant images around the clock, true to our motto: „To change oneself is good; to stay true to oneself in the process is even better.“


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