Dec. 14, 2019

Home Security and Automation in One Combined Unit

  • The velum movement detector forms an invisible protective curtainThe velum movement detector forms an invisible protective curtain
  • The velum movement detector forms an invisible protective curtain
  • Home automation and security combined in one elegant central unit.
  • The nebula smoke detector in the opaque glass version blends into a modern decor.

Although utilizing similar protocols and methods of connection, the worlds of home security and home automation have tended to develop as two separate systems until now. Ksenia has a useful range of central components and peripherals to equip homes and small offices with a comprehensive solution that combines both functions into one convenient system. And the developers have also provided an opportunity for a remote maintenance and programming business model.

The Italian manufacturer Ksenia Security offers the Lares 4.0, its new Security and Home Automation platform. The open platform in its various IoT solutions, hybrid and wireless, from 16 to 644 I/O, has easy scalability and is remotely programmable, even from a mobile phone. All the home automation and security systems features are managed on a single, compact control panel with IP/Ethernet connectivity, supported by 3G backup and vice-versa. The highly evolved wireless control panel is dedicated to the professional distribution channel, and designed for the most advanced residential applications. And thanks to a partnership Agreement with Loquendo, Ksenia security installers and end-users have the privilege of using a TTS (text-to-speech) converter, choosing from male and female voices as well as 38 different languages for personalized voice messages.
The IP integrated lares platform can manage ONVIF devices, the standard communications protocol for video surveillance cameras. The installer can scan the network using the basis configuration software, at the end of where all ONVIF compatible IP cameras will be displayed. The installer can then select the device relative to that room and assign a label. From the configuration of floor plans (which are integrated and free) it is possible for the end user to check what is happening inside each room equipped with a camera by a simple click on their phone or PC.

Message Received
Lares 4.0 is equipped with 868 MHz wireless technology, fully bidirectional and compatible with all wireless Ksenia Security devices already available on the market. Maximum reliability for each device is ensured by the continuous notification of transmission to the control panel, up to confirmed reception.

Communication between the devices and the control panel is protected by encryption of all messages, while complex algorithms in power management for transmission ensure a long battery life and minimum interference. New features are available for video surveillance and video verification by a streaming connection of an undefined number of any ONVIF cameras and by sending email screen-shots with video attachments related to the time-frames of selected events.

Smart App
The system can also manage lights, air conditioning, irrigation, automatic doors and windows or any type of home automation or appliances. In addition to the security aspects, Smart Home or Smart Building features can now be managed by a single user app (lares 4.0) and programmed by the installer from any mobile terminal via the Ksenia Pro app. This installer app also enables the geo – localization of all installed panels and therefore the ability to offer maintenance and service, connecting to the system by reading a QR code. The system is certified to EN50131-Grade 3 and T031. Lares 4.0 wls 96, the new self-contained/all-in-one system includes a master unit in black or white polycarbonate, with an embedded IP interface and transceiver, an LCD soft-touch keypad, an indoor siren, a power supply protected by an already installed fuse and prepared to connect a backup 12V battery. The control panels are equipped with a double bus and detachable connectors, so all motherboards are designed to be directly fitted with both the 3G Module (and soon the 4G-LTE) and, where required, the PSTN module. The transmission of voice messages, email, contact ID and SIA DC-09 Level III protocol to the CMS (central monitoring stations) is guaranteed.

Security Peripherals
The velum wireless detector – outdoor ‚curtain‘ – protects areas such as canopies, porches, below balconies or windows. The sensor is equipped against sabotage attempts, and fitted with an accelerometer to prevent tampering when mounted on the wall. The nebula smoke detector is also available with an opaque glass cover to match modern decor. The wireless technology used is fully bi-directional (each device acts as a transceiver, ensuring that every transmission receives a confirmation message). Battery consumption is optimized and reliability improved, compared to traditional mono-directional systems using the 868 MHz frequency band with FSK modulation, by sophisticated proprietary control of power transmission (DPMS – Dynamic Power Management System). This also reduces interference and optimizes the transmission power, dependent upon the distance between the devices and the type of installation. All wireless devices have a unique serial number that is automatically acquired by the system during installation. The signal level of each device – and the communication path if there are more bus receivers or any repeaters – is indicated in real time, both on the programming software and on the keyboard of the ergo series.

Nice, But Loud
The imago self-powered outdoor siren is a professional acoustic and visual sounder with a visually attractive, extremely slim design (6 cm deep) that combines state-of-the-art technology with the maximum energy saving. It has a high sound pressure, a power LED alarm light and 2 LEDs for auxiliary signaling. The siren is run by two microcontrollers: one deals with major processing, in order to verify all conditions and to perform all required actions while the other is for RF communication channel management (bi-directional) to receive commands, send alerts, diagnostics, etc. The imago wireless has two power supply solutions: either a proprietary alkaline battery pack 7,5V 8Ah, non-rechargeable (to be replaced) or an external power supply (9-12Vdc) with rechargeable lead-acid battery. The charging status of the batteries and, if necessary, the level of the external power supply are constantly monitored so warnings of failure, missing or low batteries are reported to the main system.


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