Mar. 27, 2018

Johnson Controls Secure Oman’s Two New Airports

More than Just Access Control

  • The AC2000 Airport system does more than just control access at Muscat International AirportThe AC2000 Airport system does more than just control access at Muscat International Airport

Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) is the government company responsible for the management and operation of Muscat International Airport – the largest airport in the country – and also Salalah Airport. The aviation-specific CEM Systems AC2000 Airport access control system has been selected as the access control solution that goes beyond security by helping in airport operations.

With intelligent IP card readers and S3040 portable hand-held readers, the CEM installation will ensure the highest levels of integrated security. Currently undergoing an expansion phase, Muscat International Airport will have the capacity to handle 12 million passengers annually. Salalah International Airport currently handles more than one million passengers annually.
“Johnson Controls is delighted to be supplying the access control system for these two important projects in Oman’s infrastructure development,” said Philip Verner, regional sales director, Building Technologies and Solutions, Johnson Controls. “The team behind the AC2000 Airport system has a proven history of understanding the dynamics and needs of airports, and the system has been used to secure airports around the world for over 25 years.”

More Than Just Access
The powerful system not only provides the airports with advanced access control throughout terminal buildings, airside and landside boundaries, but it also provides a range of software applications to enhance the airport’s onsite operations and increase business efficiency.
ID cards can be personalized and printed using the VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production) application, allowing the airport to produce card passes that include logos, staff signatures and images. The system also provides the airports with aviation-specific modes such as ‘Passenger mode’, which provides efficient management of gate rooms for departing and arriving passengers. Passenger mode controls door open times and, via interlocking, ensures Gate Room doors are opened or closed depending on the configuration set for the specific flight on the stand. The user-friendly LCD display on the CEM Systems intelligent card readers also allows staff to easily manage the process and see the current status of the door mode at the gate.

Triple Check
Additionally, the S610f intelligent combined fingerprint card reader and controller can be used in high security areas where there are requirements for three stage verification (card, PIN, and fingerprint).
The CEM Systems S3040 lightweight and rugged hand-held portable card reader will provide Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport security staff with the ability to conduct random checks on airside and landside personnel as well as providing ID card validation at temporary entrances or remote sites that have no power.


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