Nov. 08, 2018

Mobotix Global Partner Conference "Creating Cyber Secure Business Together": Innovations in Cyber & Video Security

  • CTO Hartmut Sprave, CEO Thomas Lausten, CFO Klaus Kiener: Mobotix Board of Directors in actionCTO Hartmut Sprave, CEO Thomas Lausten, CFO Klaus Kiener: Mobotix Board of Directors in action
  • CTO Hartmut Sprave, CEO Thomas Lausten, CFO Klaus Kiener: Mobotix Board of Directors in action
  • Mobotix unfiltered: in a special session partners could ask questions to the board of directors
  • Open, but cyber secure: "Our goal is to be the most reliable and trustworthy company that protects people and assets through intelligent and cyber secure video technologies that go beyond human vision" says Mobotix CEO Thomas Lausten
  • Mobotix GPC 2018: More than 400 partners

The man leads on - and leaves no doubt that he knows the way. A loud clap of thunder was the first thing to be heard on Monday 29th October at the start of the 2018 GPC Mobotix Partner Conference as Thomas Lausten - CEO of Mobotix AG since June 2017 - welcomed almost 500 invited guests. Born in Denmark, the former Vice President of EMEA of Milestone outlined the new strategy of the global player from the Pfalz region together with his management team of Hartmut Sprave (CTO) and Klaus Kiener (CFO): secure data, but open. Open for new partnerships, open for new product ideas - and definitely firmly closed to hackers. All in line with the recently launched 'Cactus Concept' that enables a cyber-secure video security environment for partners, operators and users. 

Here you will find a video about the event

So this year's Mobotix Global Partner Conference (GPC) 2018 focused on global cooperation with partner companies for a secure future. The theme of "Creating Business Together" dominated the two-day event, which presented the vision of a technology alliance for cyber security as a key factor in the success of companies, organizations and governments. The group of over 400 people from 58 countries who attended the largest ever Mobotix Partner Conference were impressed by the topical and timely theme of the conference.

Mobotix: Global Innovator in The Field of Intelligent, Video-Based Information Technology

Mobotix aims to become a global innovator in the field of intelligent, video-based information technology with unmatched cyber security and "Made in Germany" product quality for 100% guaranteed return on investment and customer satisfaction. Hartmut Sprave, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), presents a vision for the company where the company is more than just a hardware or software vendor. As a solutions provider, they aim to offer a complete spectrum of intelligent end-to-end solutions in order to create real added value for partners and customers: One-stop shopping with a comprehensive range of products.

"The world of IoT (Internet of Things) in combination with our decentralized video technology offers infinite new possibilities and opportunities for creating trend-setting solutions together with our excellent partners," says Sprave.

He points to the partnership with Konica Minolta as one example. The company is currently working on artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions such as automatic detection of emergencies when monitoring persons in need of care. "We are working together to create a product that is able to apply the algorithms directly in the camera," says Sprave. The partnership with technology companies is creating tremendous possibilities that are opening up completely new market opportunities for both sides.

The IoT World Needs Data Security and Data Minimization: "Mobotix USP"

"The decentralized approach has always been a fundamental part of Mobotix DNA," says the CTO. Hardware and software is developed in Germany, the land of data security and data protection. As a result, we can guarantee maximum safety and extreme data minimization for our products. The new Universal Security Platform, or Mobotix USP for short, is essential for future-proofing IoT solutions. This platform incorporates the Universal Plug-in, making it open and compatible with video-based plug-in solutions from around the world. It is enabled by their upcoming P7 generation of IoT hardware, which will be launched in 2019. The Mobotix USP is protected by the Cactus Concept, which the IP pioneers from Langmeil developed to ensure that end-to-end video systems are reliably and comprehensively protected from cyberattacks.

Co-Creation – Focusing on Technology Alliance and Partner Solutions

At the Partner Forum, 18 Technology Alliance partners showcased impressive examples of new solutions developed through technology partnerships and co-creation initiatives, including industrial solutions, face recognition, access control systems or POS solutions. The opportunities arising from the collaboration between Mobotix and leading technology partners are diverse and open up new markets to all the companies involved.

Reliability and Trust – Beyond Human Vision

"Mobotix cameras are ideally positioned with regard to IoT and the resulting cyber security requirements. Our cameras are intelligent computers with lenses," says CEO Thomas Lausten. "Together with our network of top-notch technology and integration partners, we will continue to offer new, secure and trendsetting products as well as solutions with enormous market potential in the future," says Lausten.

"Our goal is to be the most reliable and trustworthy company that protects people and assets through intelligent and cyber secure video technologies that go beyond human vision," said Lausten, addressing Mobotix partners who came to Frankenthal to attend GPC 2018. He added: "We will intensify our efforts to develop cyber secure and decentralized low-energy systems by collaborating closely with our global partners in relationships built on trust. Our goal is to protect people and assets while providing our end users with the best possible return on investment for all their installed Mobotix systems."


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