Feb. 17, 2011

New Generation Video Surveillance System

Ease of Operation and Powerful Analytics and Automation Tools

  • The new alarm handling mode prevents any  important events from going unnoticed The new alarm handling mode prevents any important events from going unnoticed
  • The new alarm handling mode prevents any  important events from going unnoticed
  • Advanced Archive Function
  • Setting the display layout

AxxonSoft is launching the first Product of this new generation - Axxon Smart Pro. This Professional video monitoring system for small to medium facilities incorporates a number of innovative developments of AxxonSoft for the first time. Combining the ease of operation with powerful tools for analytics and automation, Axxon Smart Pro sets a new functionality standard for this Product category.

Axxon Smart Pro adds superior convenience and functionality to all areas related to the operation of surveillance systems. System configuration is facilitated by the automatic search and recognition of connected IP cameras. The user can immediately configure additional functionality of the cameras - microphones, speakers, plug-in sensors, etc. Axxon Smart Pro also supports the built-in video detectors in the cameras and can receive two video streams from each camera, which Promotes the efficient use of computing resources of the video servers and client workstations. In addition to the built-in camera detectors, the user can always access the powerful video analytics of Axxon Smart 2.0. The video detectors are configured in an interactive mode, which allows the user to select the optimal settings for different situations.

Support for up to 256 IP cameras
IP camera support in Axxon Smart Pro is provided through the Drivers Pack Module specially developed by AxxonSoft and regularly updated to support new IP devices. Currently, the module supports up to 256 models of IP cameras and IP video servers. The latest version of the Drivers Pack is available for free download on the AxxonSoft website and can be installed directly into a working system. Thus, Driver‘s Pack allows adding support for new IP devices without having to wait for the release of new versions of Axxon Smart and without reinstalling the entire system. Key innovation of the Product is the interactive alarm Processing mode. This mode Provides the operator with a convenient tool for handling of alarm events in real time and in the video archive, as well as minimizes the risk of missing such events. In addition, this mode Provides the ability to collect statistics to assess the quality of the operator‘s work.

Advanced Archive Function
The video archive of Axxon Smart Pro is also built on a completely new principle.

First of all, it Provides the ability to create the required quantity of individual archive files for different types of records. This allows, for example, creating a separate archive with longer retention time for recordings of alarm events and an archive for continuous recording with shorter retention time. Adaptive management of the archives Promotes rational use of the disk space. The second innovation associated with the video archive is the AxxonFS Proprietary file system, specially designed for video storage. AxxonFS system maximizes the read/write speed (which is apProaching the physical access speed limit of the hard drive), prevents the accumulation of fragmented files over time, and extends the service life of hard drives.

Zooming and PTZ Easily Managed
The user interface deserves a special mention. It Provides the ability to create on-screen a variety of standard and custom video camera layouts, and to easily manage zooming and PTZ functions. All features of the interface are organized in a manner that Provides the user with maximum convenience and control efficiency and the ability to quickly access the most frequently used functions. Ultimately, this assures that operation of the system can be learned easily and quickly. Axxon Smart Pro is a constantly evolving Product. The intelligent search of archival video recordings based on defined parameters, such as movement in a zone, crossing of a line, direction and speed of moving objects, etc., currently under development at AxxonSoft, will be incorporated in the next release. This will not require pre-configuration of the video detectors; rather the search will be conducted on the parameters specified by the user at the time of the search request.

Headstart in Europe
Although the official launch of the product was December 1st, system integrators in Germany have already equipped the first projects with the latest version of Axxon Smart Pro. According to Torsten Anstaedt, Managing Director EMEA, Axxon Smart Pro is the most innovative video management software product in the EMEA market from user-friendliness through to the integrated video analysis.


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