Sep. 16, 2019

New Range of Accessories for the Synaps Network Interface Box

  • Synaps PoE Space Box (400 x 300 x 150 mm). Large cabinet version with more space for accessories and customer equipment.Synaps PoE Space Box (400 x 300 x 150 mm). Large cabinet version with more space for accessories and customer equipment.
  • Synaps PoE Space Box (400 x 300 x 150 mm). Large cabinet version with more space for accessories and customer equipment.
  • Synaps closed in the  compact box
  • Synaps IP 24V (200x300x150 mm). An optional 2-port fiber-optic converter from the Slat range of accessories has been included here for an application in outdoor video surveillance

Do you remember? At the end of 2018, GIT SECURITY presented Synaps reporting on its success at the last Essen Security Trade Fair: An innovative factory-fitted outdoor box with 2- or 4-port switch plus uplink (2 Ethernet ports for the IP version), DC-UPS with Li-Ion backup (10-year lifetime) and secure data transfer. The solution powers video applications and network interfaces (e.g. WLAN, optical fiber), and guarantees protection against micro-interruptions and brown-outs.
Since its market launch, Synaps all-in-one has been successfully installed in many situations, such as for video surveillance of car parking lots, company or industrial compounds, logistics centers and customs borders. Moreover, for perimeter protection, license plate recognition, IP-controlled outdoor loudspeakers, urban water and electrical control systems.
To multiplicate the fields of application Slat recently introduced its range of matching accessories dedicated to fit into the customer space inside the box. Customers can choose the components needed to build their own configuration either in a standard box or in a bigger space box. Today, fiber-optic converters, PoE and Hi-PoE injectors, voltage converters, coaxial extensions and multi-port switches are available. Projects with different voltage and network interface types can be realized, and this in a wide temperature range (from -40°C to +50°C ambient temperature). All these accessories work with small power consumption keeping a maximum capacity for the customer equipment. And naturally Slat guarantees their conformity, tested and validated by the company’s engineers. It is a reliable add-on system that will meet another user benefit with the introduction of „modular Synaps“ in the near future . Then the customer will not only choose his box version plus accessories, but also will receive the fully assembled box from the factory, including the CE label.
A perfect solution for installers if you consider how much time and money could be saved in terms of engineering, ordering, assembling and compatibility testing. All in all, Synaps offers a real value-added solution on each project level.


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