Optimized User Interface of Electronic Lock System

Update: More Convenience – More Features

12.03.2020 -

The usage and operation of the MobileKey electronic lock system for buildings with up to 20 doors from SimonsVoss has been further simplified. The manufacturer has optimized the user interface and added additional features.
A feature of the update of the MobileKey lock system from SimonsVoss is the use of color in the top menu bar. The new search field has also been included here, where all available components and transponders in the matrix can now be found. There are six quick-selection buttons vertically arranged on the right-hand side that give direct access to specific functions. Among others, these included the Key4Friends module and the ability to set up temporary access authorities (e.g. for external service providers, suppliers or guests) as well as sending these by email.
In the latest update, a Key4Friends is no longer defined for a specific lock but instead for a particular user, whereby any number of networked locks can be selected. The Key4Friends are now only included in and administered from the component list, just like the other keys.

Rearranged: “Rule administration”
The event management automatically sends messages to the MobileKey app or to email addresses. ‘Events’ that have been defined in the system could be the locking or unlocking of a door that has been reported by a door monitoring cylinder for example, but also a low battery alarm or a system message.
The event management and the rules to be defined can now be found directly with the events, where previously only the generated messages appeared. There is now a button in the menu bar called “Rule administration”.

Accelerated Online Opening
‘Open’ commands that are generated via a network online (remote opening via a web app or app, Key4Friends, PIN code keypad online), will be prepared by the system in advance so that only the actual command to open the lock must be sent. Remote opening commands are thereby speeded up considerably (note: also activate the “Fast communication” option for the online locks).
A further addition is the possibility to generate a log list of access events or opening events as a pdf file. And for easier operation and better readability in poor light conditions, an optional light-colored theme (white mode) can be selected.


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