Feb. 14, 2018

Partnership with Software Specialist Opens Doors and More

DOM and Tapkey Partner for Smart Access

  • The Tapkey app can be used on ­Android as well as IOS devicesThe Tapkey app can be used on ­Android as well as IOS devices

The German security and access solutions manufacturer DOM has established a partnership with Tapkey, the Austrian creator of smartphone-based digital access software. The combination of the hardware and the secure, cloud-based software transforms ordinary smartphones into smart digital keyrings. It brings new functionality and ease-of-use to the hardware and electronics, such as digital cylinders, padlocks, and wall readers.
Joerg Braun, who manages DOM’s smartphone-enabled products, explains why the company was impressed with the Tapkey platform: “It’s sophisticated yet versatile. Their expertise in scalable cloud services, mobile apps, and digital security made them the perfect partner for us.” By integrating the technology into its products, DOM allows end-users to unlock locks by simply tapping them with practically any NFC– (near-field communication) enabled smartphone which contains the matching Tapkey ‘mobile key’ app. Unlike some competing technologies, it is not ‘slaved’ to a particular phone number or wireless carrier and doesn’t require a persistent Internet connection. Virtual ‘keys’ can be easily shared – or revoked – by sending a text message.
Access by Smartphone
The administration of access authorization is done via the registered app over the air. Even an available Google-ID can be used to register, with no separate registration necessary on Android devices. The Tapkey app can be used on Android as well as IOS devices. The communication between app and lock is highly secure thanks to end-to-end encryption, which becomes very important as the Smartphone and its app can be used for locks at home, at work, for mailboxes, for car sharing, hotel rooms, garage spaces or, for example, to activate an alarm system.
The complete solution has been recognized by the Plus X Awards that go to innovators in the fields of technology, sport, and lifestyle, judged by an international jury from 25 different industries. The Dom Tapkey was considered ‘best in class’; in particular for its high quality, its design, ease of use and functionality.


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