Feb. 14, 2018

PPG Secures Allianz Arena with Crash Bollards

Security Requirements for Public Facilities Grow Rapidly

  • PPG bollards reliably stop vehicles in their tracksPPG bollards reliably stop vehicles in their tracks
  • PPG bollards reliably stop vehicles in their tracks
  • PPG bollards reliably stop vehicles in their tracks

The security requirements for public facilities are growing rapidly. This is especially true of prominent football stadiums, such as the Allianz Arena in Munich. High visitor numbers, worldwide media presence, but also stringent requirements for structural security require particularly effective, holistic perimeter protection concepts.

The Allianz Arena on the outskirts of Munich, Germany has a total of 75,000 seats at Bundesliga games. The outer protection of a stadium must be designed in such a way as to ensure preventive securing, regulating and controlling of huge passenger and vehicle flows in and around the stadium. Among others, this is to avoid panic, turmoil or overfilling of the stadium and to ensure quick and smooth evacuation, for example in case of fire. But threats are changing. The ever more aggressive terrorism attacks on people gathering for events with the violent use of vehicles form an additional risk factor.
So in April this year, the Perimeter Protection Germany, the German subsidiary of the globally active Perimeter Protection Group (PPG) was commissioned by the Allianz Arena to implement the perimeter protection concept of the stadium. The aim was to effectively secure the north and south side of the property against terrorist attacks using vehicles such as trucks. The west and east sides are protected by a highway and buildings from such attacks. The whole project should be realized by the end of July 2017. PPG has earned a good reputation from former high-security projects, for example for the Jewish Community in the center of Munich.

Now you see it ….
Together with the engineering office BPR Dr. Ing. Schäpertöns Consult in Munich, PPG implemented the solution that consists of a mix of 70 fixed and movable M30 crash bollards, which the company manufactures in Germany. The bollard systems, certified to international standards PAS 68, ASTM and IWA 14-1, stop vehicles with different impact velocities, according to their classification. Perimeter Protection Group offers different movable or fixed crash bollards, depending on the security requirements. They have fast operating times and shallow foundations so pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicular traffic is stopped.
Ready-to-install bollard units with a separate control box allow quick and easy installation in all climate zones.

When lowered, these can be easily driven over – in conformance with bridge class SLW 60 – without hindering the necessary operational vehicle traffic, for example for service work. Nevertheless, they effectively block areas with longer access routes, even against heavy vehicles such as trucks, by raising out of the ground in seconds in case of emergency.
Alfons Trapp, PPG Sales Bavaria, summarizes, ”Thanks to the professional cooperation of all involved, the project was completed smoothly and on time. The implemented solution is not only secure but also visually emphasizes the aesthetic character of this architectural masterpiece.“


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