May. 19, 2016

Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 at London Olympia

  • Busy aisles in the Olympia Grand Hall for SCTX 2016Busy aisles in the Olympia Grand Hall for SCTX 2016
  • Busy aisles in the Olympia Grand Hall for SCTX 2016
  • Former UK Defence Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind speaking at the World Counter Terror Congress at SCTX 2016
  • Thermoteknix Systems - TiCAM 1000 surveillance system in use
  • Garrett Metal Detectors - portable walkthrough for metals detection
  • Morse Watchmans - KeyWatcher system
  • Lincoln Security - eLOQ in a padlock application
  • ICOR Technology - Caliber Mk4 robot
  • Yuneec UK - Tornado H920 CGO4 UAV
  • Gilgen Door Systems - new security shutter
  • Jacksons Fencing - for Eurotunnel terminal at Coquelles, France
  • Synectics - Synergy3 transport station

The 8th annual Security & Counter Terror Expo (SCTX), previously the Counter Terror Expo, was organised by Clarion Events at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, over the two days 19th to 20th April 2016, under the slogan “Evolving International Public and Private Sector Resilience”. Over 9,500 visitors were attracted to more than 350 exhibitors filling almost 2900 m2 in the Grand Hall of Olympia.

Over recent years the threat of terrorism has increased exponentially, and today terrorist activity occurs on an almost daily basis. Last year alone witnessed more than 380 recorded terrorist attacks around the world. Paris was a prime example last November, with Islamic terrorists carrying out a series of co-ordinated attacks at six locations, including the Stade de France stadium and the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. More recently, in March three coordinated nail bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in Brussels.

The threat is constantly evolving and is currently at a significantly high level worldwide. David Thompson, Event Director of SCTX 2016, commented: “Recent global events have reminded us that security cannot be taken for granted. Targets are becoming more diverse – as are the methods employed by those who seek to do us harm. With the safety of millions of people on their minds, security professionals have an increasingly important role to play as the threat evolves. Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 offered industry experts the perfect platform to source the latest technology, discuss important issues with like-minded peers and hear from the leading voices in security and counter terror policy.”

Whilst the Exhibition displayed the latest solutions to defeat and protect against terrorism, the packed Conference timetable comprised the World Counter Terror Congress, Critical National Infrastructure & Business Resilience, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Transport Security Live, Advanced Technologies Live and Women in Security.

The showpiece World Counter Terror Congress featured six sessions.

They covered policy and strategy responses to the evolving terror threat; radicalisation, de-radicalisation and preventing radicalisation; geopolitical security briefings; encryption, communications and security; security for critical national infrastructure; and emerging terror networks and tactics.

Two co-located Exhibitions and Conference programmes similarly under Clarion Events were the Forensics Europe Expo and Ambition 2016, the latter for anyone involved in emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR).

The event at Olympia showcased a wide range of practical solutions, including many product innovations, from some 250 exhibitors. Accordingly we have picked out below some of those technologies at SCTX which particularly attracted our editorial interest.

To start with, a UK company with claims to be one of the world’s leading innovators in and manufacturers of thermal imaging and night vision systems, Thermoteknix Systems of Cambridge (, announced its ground-breaking multi-function TiCAM 1000 target location and surveillance system. The TiCAM 1000 is a handheld camera with high-resolution, uncooled thermal imager, direct view visible channel with colour CCD, GPS, digital magnetic compass, laser rangefinder and digital storage. The high-accuracy target locator is designed for all types of observation, surveillance, target location and reporting, with wired and wireless interfaces to security and battle management systems.

The new TiCAM 1000 supplements the existing TiCAM product line-up, which includes the miniature 150g TiCAM 90 helmet-mount camera through to the full target-locating capability of the TiCAM 1000. Ideal applications for the TiCAM series of monoculars and binoculars include reconnaissance, border security and surveillance, counter drug operations, police surveillance, search-and-rescue and VIP protection.

From the Garland, Texas, home of Garrett Metal Detectors comes an innovative portable walkthrough solution. It combines its PD-6500i walkthrough metal detector with rugged steel castors and a battery back-up module to create a fully mobile security checkpoint ideal for stadiums, mass attendance events and school/college applications. Garrett’s PD-6500i meets the world’s highest test certifications (including TSA and European Airports requirements). Further product information is available at

“With our Portable Walkthrough Solution, Garrett’s PD-6500i detectors can be moved to a secure location when not in use,” stressed Henry Tellez, the company’s Vice-President of International Sales. “This provides an unimpeded exit at the close of an event, and the detector can be easily moved by one person. Our mobile solution is designed for special events and large venues where the security personnel need fast, easy, versatile security screening.”

A major US manufacturer in another sphere – key control – was Morse Watchmans with its KeyWatcher system ( Keys and other assets are housed in a secure, alarmed, electronic cabinet. Meanwhile events are recorded and accessible from anywhere on your network. The modular design of the KeyWatcher unit allows for extensive customisation and expandability.

Elsewhere in the Hall, UK company Lincoln Security was demonstrating its innovative, retrofit, electronic key system eLOQ, providing access control for cylinder locks and padlocks without the need for either batteries or wiring ( Power is provided by the smart keys themselves upon insertion. Smart eLOQ keys store up to 3000 audit records of the most recent access events and can be assigned with operational start and expiry dates and times.

Icor Technology of Ottawa ( majored on their Caliber Mk4 robot, the newest member of the Caliber family. The Mk4 is equipped with a total of seven cameras, including a dedicated, telescoping, pan-tilt-zoom camera arm that can reach a height of 9ft (2.75m).

Its superior viewing capabilities are not this robot’s only unique feature! With two independently operated arms (one for the claw and one for disruptors), the robot can easily pick up large items and remove them to a safe area. ICOR designed the robot for Large Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (LVBIED), basing it substantially on recommendations from bomb disposal experts and security personnel on the ground. The Mk4 is described as the most practical solution for keeping security operatives safe when dealing with large, unknown threats.

Aerial surveillance and photography experts Yuneec UK ( showed off their wide range of UAVs including the Tornado H920 CGO4 and V18, a professional range of UAVs fitted with camera gimbals sporting features such as Panasonic GH4 electronics and 18x optical zoom.

In addition, the firm based at Barnet, Herts, UK exhibited its new Typhoon H, featuring sonar anti-collision technology, and a modular platform soon to be offering a Flir thermal imaging solution. The Typhoon H also has multiple smart functions integrated into the system and continues the Typhoon family's emphasis on safety, with features like Geofencing, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home and No-Fly Zones.

Yuneec's entire range of UAVs are supplied with customisable ground-stations equipped with integral touchscreens. The HEX range of UAVs (H920 and Typhoon H) have six rotors, enabling extra stability and agility when compared to a quad UAV. The six-rotor design means, too, that the drone can fly and land safely in the event that the UAV is reduced to five rotors.

A new SR5-rated security shutter from Gilgen Door Systems of Ringwood, Hampshire, UK ( was on display for the first time at this year's SCTX. The Rolegard SR5-B is claimed to be the first LPS1175 SR5-rated security shutter to be launched with a certified ballistics rating.

Designed to help protect facilities against emerging threats such as hostile incursion and swarm attack, the SR5-B combines the highest physical attack standard achieved in a security shutter with exemplary ballistics and blast protection properties. In order to achieve its very high security rating, the shutter was tested to LPS1175, Issue 7, Level 5, using a wide range of professional attack methods including high-end power tools. The FB3 and FB4 ballistics ratings were achieved following stringent tests to satisfy the requirements of BS EN 1522:1999.

Perimeter security exhibitor Jacksons Fencing of Ashford, Kent, UK (, a leading UK designer, manufacturer and installer of security-rated fencing and access control systems, announced its successful completion of 8.5km of security fencing and associated gates at the Eurotunnel terminal, Coquelles, France. This is part of the Anglo-French commitment to securing key parts of the site against illegal and dangerous migration activity and people smuggling. The firm completed the project – which included more than 40 pedestrian and vehicle gates – over an eight-week period to a very challenging deadline.

Specialists in integrated, end-to-end, surveillance control systems, the international group Synectics (, headquartered in Sheffield, UK, gave live demonstrations of the latest “Gold” version of its Synergy3 software – which contains a suite of new capabilities designed to aid operator productivity and reactiveness. Incident management tools have been reviewed and expanded, with new features including the abilities to bookmark activity (supporting collaborative investigation) – and to create commentary in the video timeline that improves incident context.

The latest edition of Synergy3 now also enables users to integrate realtime social feeds and links to governmental Threat Level indicators, for heightened situational awareness. Furthermore workflow creation, metadata recording, data mining and statistical reporting capabilities have all been enhanced to aid effective incident investigation, management and review.

And so a very broad array of product offerings for visitors to take in! They will now want to diary the next Expo at London Olympia from 3rd to 4th May 2017, because technological solutions constantly need to keep pace with changing security threats, wherever and in whatever form these may arise.




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