Dec. 11, 2019

Security Equipment for Development Projects

Peel L&P Select their Suppliers for Future Developments

  •  “One of the key reasons we chose Wavestore as our preferred VMS is that its open platform offers us the flexibility", says Tony Chebrika, Head of Security for Peel L&P “One of the key reasons we chose Wavestore as our preferred VMS is that its open platform offers us the flexibility", says Tony Chebrika, Head of Security for Peel L&P
Part of the Peel Group, Peel L&P is responsible for some of the most transformational development projects in the UK. It has been working closely with an independent security consultant, Advanced Security Partners Ltd (ASP), undertaking risk assessments, technical product evaluation and a detailed design, which can be implemented across its portfolio, standardizing equipment to ensure future consistency and compatibility.
Owning and managing 12 million sq. ft. of property and 20,000 acres of land and water, Peel L&P’s holdings are concentrated in the north west of England, but it also owns and manages significant assets throughout the UK, with a total portfolio value of £2.6 billion. Tony Chebrika, Head of Security for Peel L&P and Richard Sumner, Director for ASP, have evaluated product sets within the marketplace, choosing Wavestore’s Video Management Software (VMS), Axis network cameras, Salto access control and Eaton fire detection to be at the heart of the integrated electronic security systems deployed across its entire estate, as part of its vision for the future.
“Peel L&P’s vision is to create sustainable environments where people and businesses can flourish,” said Tony Chebrika, Head of Security for Peel L&P. “I am determined this vision of sustainability is applied to everything we do from a security perspective. Our strategy is to work with security solutions that offer true added value and are future-proof in their ability to interact with emerging technologies that we may wish to utilize in the future to further enhance our security and operations.”
Multiple projects
Peel L&P has already rolled out several projects, including at Media City UK where the security solution helps keep workers and visitors safe across the prestigious 200-acre mixed-use development on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. The development is a joint venture with Legal and General Capital and is home to BBC North, ITV, the University of Salford, dock10 and innovation hub The Landing, as well as a number of blue-chip companies including Ericsson, Kellogg’s and The Hut Group.

It is also host to over 250 smaller creative and tech businesses. Projects have also been rolled out at Liverpool Waters, a 500-acre scheme to transform Liverpool’s northern dockland, which is one of the UK’s most significant regeneration schemes.

In addition to its prime purpose of monitoring any suspicious activity and post-event interrogation should there be an incident, the integrated security solution is also contributing to operational efficiency in a variety of ways, including the management of car parking areas and assisting receptionists to visually verify the identity of visitors.
Supplier Evaluation
“Before deciding which brands to work with long term, we carefully considered what was on offer from a host of vendors across the market,” said Richard Sumner, Director of Advanced Security Partners, the consultants working closely with Tony Chebrika to ensure best practice is utilized in the design and implementation of the group’s electronic security systems. “In addition to carrying out stringent tests in varying environments and under different lighting conditions, we also evaluated each potential supplier by taking into account a number of factors over and above functionality. We wanted to work with products that could deliver long term reliability as well as immediate ROI. Our conclusion was that Axis, Eaton, Salto and Wavestore should form the core of the brands used to form a complete solution across the Peel Group estate”.
“One of the key reasons we chose Wavestore as our preferred VMS is that its open platform offers us the flexibility, now or at any time in the future, to bring together third-party devices and sub-systems from different manufacturers including, for example, the latest generation of hemispheric 360° cameras onto a common, future-proof and easy to operate platform. This was extremely important to us to ensure that we can benefit from the very latest technology as it is introduced.”
Following on from the success of the Media City UK and Liverpool Waters projects, Peel L&P has declared its intention to deploy the same combination of safety and security products on all new development projects. It will also be installed as part of any ongoing upgrade program to replace existing legacy security systems.  



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