Dec. 18, 2019

Sports Streaming with Video Surveillance System

Enhancing the Thrill of Motor Racing Using CCTV Cameras for Streaming

  • Hikvision cameras broadcast high quality images of cars racing at high speedHikvision cameras broadcast high quality images of cars racing at high speed
  • Hikvision cameras broadcast high quality images of cars racing at high speed
  • Hikvision cameras broadcast high quality images of cars racing at high speed

Central to the Italian motor racing scene, Gruppo Peroni Race organizes very high level car championships in the Imola, Vallelunga and Monza Italian racing circuits. For thirty years in the sector, the activity of the Peroni Race Group includes various championships and numerous special events, such as endurance tests. When they wanted to open up the racing experience to more members of the public, they turned to a solution using Hikvision products.
The company decided to make its free events more accessible to the public and asked DirectE20, its historical partner in the audio-video industry, to come up with a solution to broadcast the live video-chronicle on Youtube, Facebook and other social events. They worked in close collaboration with Italtec, a distributor of professional security solutions specialized in planning and technical assistance. In order for viewers to be able to experience the sheer thrill of the race, they needed cameras that could follow the high speed action. And due to the unpredictability of weather, the solution needed to provide great images even in adverse weather conditions and other poor light situations.
Italtec chose to design the solution using Hikvision products, and in particular the Speed Dome Solution 2 and 4 MP and the 96XX and 77XX series recorders, together with monitors and a keyboard to control the cameras. They chose Hikvision for the high performance of its PTZ products, able to obtain extremely interesting rapid-focus and self-tracking. Video management was entrusted to iVMS 4200, the free Hikvision software.

Fast Action
All of these products were brought together in a mobile control room which could broadcast high quality images able to follow cars racing at high speed. The flexibility of the system and the adjustable nature of the cameras meant that they could respond immediately to the action, both automatically and on command from the control room. In order to maximize the viewer experience, during the installation of the products installers had to pay particular attention to camera positioning. It was essential to capture the images of the vehicles in the approach to curves with different viewing angles, both on arrival at and departure from the circuit curve.
Alessandro Rossi, Sales Manager of Italtec, says: “We chose Hikvision for its high-tech video surveillance.

Analyzing the professional CCTV market, we received lots of positive feedback from those who have been using the brand for years. So we decided to carry out tests, following which we definitively decided to go with Hikvision.”

All Sports
Gruppo Peroni was also impressed. Sergio Peroni, the organization’s President, says: “Thanks to the work carried out by DirectE20 that created the mobile technology solution, today we can collect high-quality video material that perfectly meets the needs of our audience. Enthusiasts can follow live racing competitions on the circuits and the material collected and filed can also be used later to make videos for advertising or repertoire purposes. We are very satisfied with the technical choices made and, above all, the results obtained.” Hikvision products delivered a result in the form of an innovative system for audio and video distribution of motor racing at its best, thanks to its simplicity and flexibility. This solution could be used to stream all kinds of sports events in the future.


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