Transportation Security: Extracting the Potential of Surveillance

Dahua Technology Offers Smart Solutions for a Secure and Efficient Transportation System

03.03.2020 -

In a world busier than ever, it’s not exaggerating to say that our lives and businesses cannot afford even an hour’s delay of transportation, yet its safety and efficient operation are constantly threatened by potential terrorist attacks and unexpected accidents. Security challenges are faced by the transportation hubs of railways, subways, public buses, ports and parking lots. These areas are typically flooded with people from all places and all types of cargo, making it costly and time-consuming to track and check them manually.
Dahua Technology has been developing video-centric smart IoT products and services for years to provide comprehensive, smart transportation solutions that give users more security, more efficiency and more profit. Thanks to the rapid development of AI technology in recent years, the company’s Smart Transportation Solutions have already been widely applied in major transportation hubs.
For example, in 2018, one of the largest airports in Sri Lanka adapted the Dahua Thermal Imaging Perimeter Monitoring System to protect the safety of its flight zones. The system has secured the takeoff and landing of more than 60,000 aircraft, guarding the safety of 10 million passengers each year. The system collects images around the clock and enables the automatic monitoring of intrusion events under special weather conditions such as total darkness, glare, backlight, fog or smog, which ensures accurate detection with very few false alarms.

Railway Solution
As the expansion of cities and population causes a series of traffic problems on roads, railways and subways have become one of the most popular ways people choose to travel. Due to the increasing importance of railway safety, traditional video surveillance solutions can no longer meet modern security needs. So to ensure the safety of railway facilities, passengers and staff security, the Dahua Railway Solution combines AI, big data and other technologies based on video surveillance with actual business scenarios, to help railway operators respond to various emergencies and to ensure a pleasant journey for passengers.
Last year, Australia passed The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Police Powers at Airports) Bill enabling the police to perform random ID checks, which is somewhat inefficient, and gave passengers an unpleasant experience. Dahua face recognition cameras can, however, be deployed at station entrances and exits to capture and identify human faces without any police interaction. Faces are then compared to images in a database and the system will trigger an alarm if a wanted or blacklisted person enters the perimeter, aiding the police in capturing suspects.

Extracted Knowledge
Providing functions such as people counting and queue management, the smart Dahua security system assists retailers in increasing operating efficiency and enhancing their profits by analyzing and classifying the traffic flow in their shops at the train station. And to provide an early warning of incidents, intelligent perimeter technology analyzes the images and detects passengers who fall off the platform edge into the track area, helping to ensure the safety of passengers getting on and off the train.
Dangerous train driving behavior such as driving while tired or smoking can be identified by analyzing a video feed, and it can trigger an alarm accordingly to inform both the platform staff and the driver. Dahua Public Bus Solution aims to help bus companies reduce the safety risks: a camera in the front of the bus can detect and analyze a driver’s behavior, such as yawning or using a cellphone while driving, which will then trigger an alarm. As part of the same installation, the onboard screens can display advertisements and station information for passengers, bringing more benefits to bus companies.
The Dahua Highway Solution provides HD video surveillance regardless of the weather conditions or lighting level. Highly compatible with other systems, it allows road operators or authorities to monitor the highway from a remote central control center. And in a similar application, the Dahua Port Solution HD video surveillance allows cost-saving management of people, vehicles and containers. Container number recognition technology enables cameras to identify license plates, ISO, vehicle weight and other information automatically.

Road to the Future
To enable automatic driving in and out of parking lots without manual interference and to improve parking efficiency, the Dahua Parking Solution integrates ANPR and video analytics. An additional feature of this solution is guiding and locating vehicles via an embedded E-map to enhance the user experience. These are just some of the end-to-end solutions that Dahua has developed for the transportation sector that combine contemporary technology to provide better, safety, security and efficiency for city operations, corporate management, and the traveling public.